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Ever wonder why the

Bored with your usual

Bored with your usual vacations? Adicted to action movies? Money to burn? This may be your answer.

In other news, our

In other news, our replacement roommate seems to be a welsher (no offence meant to the Welsh). It is looking like Brian and I are going to be stuck with her part of the July rent and utilities. I may not be able to afford to live by myself, but with my recent track record, it will be cheaper than having roommates.

Moving turns me into

Moving turns me into a big, whiny crybaby. I've never been good at it. I get hot and hungry and crabby. Plus, I am a klutz, and moving brings thing out. I have a growing collection of painful bruises from swift encounters with sharp objects.

I have a dream that someday I will be able to afford to hire movers. Alternately, I dream of never having to move again.

There is a river

There is a river that runs past my workplace, and I like to go down and sit by it on my breaks. A few weeks ago, I found a nice fishing lure and some line snagged on a weed. I pulled it out, and since I had no need for it, I tied the line to a stick and left it sitting on a low rock, thinking some kid could find it and use it.

Today I saw that it was still there, and the lure was in the water. I picked it up, thinking to set it somewhere more visible. Just as the lure started to move, there was a flash in the water and a tug...I'd caught a fish! I pulled it out, and there was a medium sized fish, a bit longer than the length of my hand. I chuckled, unooked it, threw it back in, and headed back to work to wash the fish smell off my hands.

I went to see

I went to see Goldmember today. It was amusing, though far short of the original. The dance numbers cracked me up, but I could have done without all of the scatalogical humor. Hell, I could have done without *any* of that. Beyonce Knowles did a good job with the character she was given. I wish they had made more use of Seth Green, but then again, you can *always* use more Seth Green



Just finished off my

Just finished off my Dreamery Black Rasberry Avalanche. Now there's a flavor to be reckoned with. Delish. The container art is also pleasantly surreal.

This has to be

This has to be seen to be believed. In fact, I've seen it, but I still don't believe it. I'm still giggling, though

Update: Apparently, my disbelief was justified. I went back to look at it again, and most evidence of its existence has vanished. Check here if you want the scoop.

Update #2: Well, it's back, and funny as ever. I've heard there is a version with music, too. (YMCA.)

Can any of you

Can any of you recommend a good web host? I am looking for a place to put irvingplace.net. Ideally, I am looking for someone that:

Isn't too expensive.

Provides decent service....that is to say, at least is not a complete dick.

Moderate storage space. Somewhere between 5-100MB.

Some of you have your own domains. Any recommendations/warnings?

Speaking of the blackout,

Speaking of the blackout, now that I am a little more awake,I can fully describe the events that transpired.

Shortly after blogging about the thunder and lightening, I was finishing up the "sexy voices" post, which I planned to save in Simple Text, and blog on the half hour. I was then going to shut the computer down for a bit, just in case. Just before I'd reached the end of assembling the list, everything died. No radio, no computer, no lights (no motor car, not a single luxury....). The was no warning flicker, just *boom* to black. (OK, not total black...I had my last four votive candles burning.) I waited a bit to see if the lights would come on. (Thank goodness I was out of the shower by that time!) Brian came up from downstairs with a flashlight. He'd been in the middle of packing. He said that everything was off all up and down our block, but that across the street all was well. We live at the border of our power grid, apparently.

I set my timer to 30 minutes, and sat by the window, watching the storm and eating some ice cream. The light show was quite impressive, to be sure. The timer went off, but no lights. I set it again, and again no lights. I was begining to dispair that I would ever finish that Thon, when there was a knock at the door.

There stood Lukifer, Powerbook in hand. He had read my last post about the storm, and when no new posts appeared, he figured something was up. With nothing to see by but a few candles, we got his laptop configured to my connection, dug out a phone cable (no Airport with no electricity), and gotten everything plugged in from behind a pile of boxes and furniture. Fifteen minutes after he'd arrived, I was back online.

Typing on the floor, in the mostly dark was fun, but we muddled through until the lights came back on. The computer gods were kind. Other than the "not properly shut down" error message, everything was just fine on the iMac. Big relief. It certainly was an adventure.

Now, some Blogathon thanks

Now, some Blogathon thanks are in order.

Thank you to all who pledged.

Thank you to the organizers, for doing such a great job getting this all going.

Thanks to all who stopped by left helpful comments.

And a big thanks to Lukifer for providing chinese take-out, an emergency laptop during the blackout, and mega moral support.

So, am I a

So, am I a masochist? After 24 hours of blogging, I got done at 8AM and went to bed. By noon I was up and out of bed.

I realized that if I slept all day, my sleep schedule would be off, and I wouldn't be able to get to sleep tonight. So, I may be sleepy, but I am still packing boxes and hauling stuff downstairs and to the garage. After all, I have to have *all* of my things down in the garage by Tuesday night soI can clean and be out by noon Wednesday.

It has been fun.

It has been fun. Off to bed I go.

Only one half hour

Only one half hour to go. Buckle up, kids!

Lots of soda for

Lots of soda for the past few hours. My teeth are really gonna hate me. Hmmm...

<reaches for an Oreo>

<stares at Oreo>

<reaches for an toothbrush>

I think, if the

I think, if the weather is nice today, I will find myself a nice spot outside to catch up on my snoozing.

My Blogathon really has

My Blogathon really has been plagued by technical difficulties.

"Internal Server Error The

"Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, dev@pyra.com and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Apache/1.3.22 Server at blogspot.com Port 80"

Ah poop.

On the theme of

On the theme of family planning here is:

Getting lucky with Google*

Birth control



Sex ed




*Going directly to the first hit for these words.

I was just thinking

I was just thinking of the Cathedral Pines, and how I'd love to be up north right now. The Cathedral Pines is a stand of virgin timber in the Nicolet Forest. The name is so appropriate to the place. So very peaceful.

I'll have to see about getting up there before the summer is over.

It isn't to late

It isn't to late to sponsor me for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.

Why donate to PPWI? Because they need the money to continue doing the good work they do, but there are always those who are ready to pressure lawmakers to cut or deny funding. Recently, a rider on the budget made it through the Assembly that would have eliminated funding to "all options" care providers such as PP. Fortunately, it died in the State Senate. They will keep on trying, and so must we.

The sky is starting

The sky is starting to get light. This time of day never does seem entirely real.

There can be something

There can be something terribly charming about watching the right person sleep peacefully: a lover, a child, a patient.I can see why parents will sometimes stand by the cradle, crib, or bed doing nothing more.

The rest of (this

The rest of (this part of) the world is dreaming right now.

I've often wondered about the standard interpretations ofdream symbols. Some of them are so off beat that it seems downright silly. I think a lot of it is bunk. A lawn = blood or circulatory system. Why? Who came up with this stuff and how?

Silflay Hraka. For those

Silflay Hraka. For those of you who don't speak Lapine, it means "eat shit".

<Note period outside of quotation marks, British-style.>

I am really enjoying

I am really enjoying reading A Blog of Chocolates. So much so, that I've been keeping a tab in Mozilla specifically for it.

So, has anyone (else)

So, has anyone (else) out there joined in the Nude Blogging movement?

Well, the hours sans

Well, the hours sans power were pretty stressful. However, the make-up for that is that I now have two computers on which to blog.I can blog at my desk on my iMac and then, when my ass gets tired,I can prop myself up on some pillows and use the Powerbook.

I always wanted to

I always wanted to be a skater when I was a kid. Most of the boys in my grade school class were, and I wanted to be one, too. My dad, however, would hear none of it. I would break an arm or leg or something, so it wasn't happening.

Last summer, at the age of 25, I finaly realized that I didn't have to ask my dad anymore. I went out and bought my own damn skateboard. I've learned to skate in a straight line, how steer a bit. No tricks. I highly doubt I will ever be doing an ollie like that.

One of the earliest

One of the earliest photos I ever took with an SLR. I was quite happy with it. In fact, this was one of the photos that made me decide to take the Intro Photo class at UW. And here I am today.

Guess what. The lights

Guess what. The lights are back on. Rock out!

Sexy voices: John Mayer

Another thing I will

Another thing I will keep in mind is that running this thing on batteries will run it out in a few hours, unless power comes back. I may have to start putting it to sleep between posts.

The big suck is

The big suck is that I can't access my bookmarks, stored research, or many of the pics I was going to upload, unless and until the power comes back on.

Ok, time to surf and see what I've missed.

BTW, pardon the sudden

BTW, pardon the sudden influx of typos that I'm expecting. Typing in the dark, on the floor, well....ya do what you can.

OK, I am currently

OK, I am currently blogging by candlelight. The power has been out all over the area since about 11:30. It's still out. Lukifer showed up with his Powerbook. God bless the boy.

So, we dug out a phone cable, crawled behind boxes and furniture to plug it in, and now we're back in business.

Hoo-hah! Back online baybee!

Hoo-hah! Back online baybee!

Common sense says I

Common sense says I should turn off the computer now. I think I'll wait a bit longer and keep my fingers cross. (Dumb kid that I am.)

Oooo, I hear thunder.

Oooo, I hear thunder. I can't say that I like that right now.

Quick plug for Comedy

Quick plug for Comedy Sportz, Madison. Funny stuff, plus pizza and beer. Fridays and Saturdays, 8 and 10 PM. If you are down on State Street and don't know what to do, head on over there.

Nude blogging will soon

Nude blogging will soon commence--I'm off to take a quick shower.

Yes, I have been

Yes, I have been making mention of large pledges. However, pledges in any amount are great. $5, $10, $20....whatever you can do. After all, every bit helps.

(If it makes a difference, the standard amount that helps NPO's get matching funds, etc. is $35. That tends to be the magic number for pledges that help bring in other grants.)

Well I'll be. I've

Well I'll be. I've just managed to surf all the way around to my own blog. Now that's a lot of surfing.

Memo to self: Buy

Memo to self:

Buy new chair for computer desk.

Ew. Due to the

Ew. Due to the current danderful situation, I may actually be blogging naked soon. I really need a shower.

OK, now I'm all

OK, now I'm all covered with cat hair. I am not a cat. Instead, I am itchy.

A series I did

A series I did based on a small segment of a photo. As a whole, the photo itself was a bust....too dark and badly composed. However, this one face stood out. The first thing I ever did with it was a pen and ink drawing back in art school. It was small (maybe 6x14?) but one of the most laborious things I have ever undertaken for art, and one of the drawing of which I am most proud. (Unfortunately, I've already packed up the drawing, otherwise I'd scan it and post it here, too.) Now, having learned Photoshop, I decided to see what I could do with the photo itself. Not bad, IMHO. However, I'm not mearly so proud of them as I was of the drawing.

Lesson learned: good things can come from bad photos.

Doncha hate it when

Doncha hate it when you are surfing a web ring and come to a site where the code doesn't work, or isn't even posted? Yeah, me, too.

Whew. Still there. Much

Whew. Still there. Much relief.

OK, I'm afraid to

OK, I'm afraid to look. The last bunch of posts seem to have disappeared off the edit page, including the one I just posted. I never actively deleted anything, but just to be on the safe side, I've gone into the page view and copied everything I posted (links and all) from the missing chunk.

I hope when I refresh the page, everything is still there. I'll cry if it isn't.

Wish me luck....

Yes, I got on

Yes, I got on the South Park portrait band wagon a while back. Never got around to post mine, though. Somehow, I like the one I did for Lukifer better.

Here's an idea to

Here's an idea to stay awake as the hours get longer:

Blog Naked. (webcams *not* required).

Yup, just take it all off, grab a glass of lemonade and keep posting. Maybe start with a cold shower or something. Brrrrrrrrrrrr.

Triple M is on

Triple M is on a roll. They keep playing songs I *must* hear.

Took a test. Yup:

Took a test. Yup:

My Bloginality is INTJ.

“Shut your trap, Irving!”

“Shut your trap, Irving!” Jane said.


Ok, it's not personal. Its from a story that Monochromatic Girl is writing in sections for the Thon. Check it out.

The thing is, I'm

The thing is, I'm not one of those women who thinks that men are scum. Most of the men I know and have ever know have been great guys. However, reading something like that it isn't hard to see why some women might think so.

I stumbled across this

I stumbled across this site and was amused at topics such as "How to Spot a Golddigger" (yes, because ya know all the chicks are just after your Pinto, man). That page led me to a page called Hypnotic Seduction. Ew. (Note the key words hidden behind the title graphic: "hypno,seduction,hypnosis,attract,women,seduce,psychic,mind control,nlpseduction, sexual, subliminal, seduce, mind control, pheromones, sex attractant,m aphrodisiac,adult, xxx, sex, pictures, nudity, hardcore, gif ,jpg, pictures, anal, pussy,pheromone,pher" Need I say more?)

What is it all about?

"Do You Want To Know A Simple,

Two Minute Hypnotic Technique Which

Lets YOU Secretly Put Any Woman Into

An Instant Trance

And Persuades Her To Ask YOU Out???"

Really? Tell me more:

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Robert Jacobs, Certified Hypnotist. I would like to take a moment of your time to tell you about a phenomenal technique I discovered which allowed me to meet, date, and seduce literally hundreds of women by hypnotizing them.

As a hypnotist, I realized that I could use my skills to
easily hypnotize and seduce any woman that I chose!

I wanted a fast, easy way to make women surrender to my will, so I could quickly attract and seduce the women I wanted. Finally, through relentless research, I've discovered an absolutely amazing method that allows Anyone to easily Secretly Hypnotize any woman, Instantly, without them even realizing it!"

"Look...simply imagine the incredible feelings You'll have after you possess this absolute, sheer raw power over women! "

Get...a....clue...pathetic...losers. Is it the sex? Or is the power thing?

For some reason, I

For some reason, I just thought about a joke my dad and my uncle used to tell all the time:

Forty-nine Steps to the Outhouse, written by Willy Makit, pictures by Betty Wont.

Yummy. Someone (a cute

Yummy. Someone (a cute someone) brought me sweet and sour chicken.

Or you could be

Or you could be fashionable.

Ever wonder about duck/duct

I don't know what

I don't know what is worse. The fact that McDonald's has jumped on the flatbread bandwagon or the fact that they are using "New Sensation" by INXS in the radio commercials.

Remember kids, when the

Remember kids, when the pledge total reaches $200, the annoying ad goes away from the top of the page.

Also, the first pledge of $100 or more gets a framed copy of "Queen of Pentacles", the b/w photo featured above the archives.

It's for a good cause.

This is a photo

This is a photo of "Keeper of Memories" by Brain Wilson (no, not the Beach Boy)that I saw at the Eljehjem Museum a little while back. I wanted to link to a photo of it on line, but I couldn't find one, or even info on the sculptor. So, I had to get my film developed and post my own.

Is that not one of the neatest, eeriest things you've ever seen?

Seriously, if I were the sort of person who could drop a huge amount of money on art (I mean someone else's art) I would so want to purchase this piece.

Ben and Jerry's has

Ben and Jerry's has and amusing site. Check out the Departed Flavor Graveyard (Flash). Alas, two of my favorites: Coffee Toffee and Heath Bar are among the casualties. Still, where there is New York Super Fudge Chunk, there is hope.

Publish, darn you!

Publish, darn you!

If I had the

If I had the money, I would buy a hyrbid car. I really like the Toyota Prius. The Honda Insight is ok, but a little too sporty for my taste. Then there is the EV1 by GM (by way of Saturn). However, that is entirely electric and needs to be plugged in. Not teribbly practical yet, especially outside of California.

At the moment, however, I drive a 12 year old Cougar and am happy if I only have to fill up once a week.

Well, I'm getting Narnia

Well, I'm getting Narnia cleared out.

Yes, that's right. The entrance to Narnia is in my bedroom closet. You see, instead of ending at about door width like most closets, this one goes back and back and up and up. There are three levels extending back behind the wall, with a crawl space entrance in the ceiling at the far back. A fun place to go sit and hide out, though mostly used for storage. How prosaic, hey? However, the wardrobe was used to store old fur coats, after all.

*Sigh* I've wanted to

*Sigh* I've wanted to be a member of Metafilter for a long time, but membership was closed to new users. Now it is open again, but only to the first 20 people to sign up after noon, PST. I keep missing it. It feels like calling in to a radio contest, or standing in line outside of a trendy night club.

Someday, it will happen.


As I'm packing, I

As I'm packing, I notice that I own a lot of shoes. I'm not really a clothes horse or anything, but I do own a lot of shoes. There is a bit of a stigma attached to this.

Funny thing, I actually perfer to be barefoot wheneverI can. However, living in Wisconsin means you wear shoes a lot. I do believe that if you have to wear shoes, you might as well wear shoes that are appropriate for the occasion, task at hand, and outfit. Combat boots or sandals? Tennis shoes or dress shoes? I also have a number of shoes that go with costumes, and can't be worn with much else. (Like my Sound of Music, Frau Schmidt "bowling shoes".)

Just an observation.

Must. Own. Less. Stuff.....

Must. Own. Less. Stuff.....


Still monkeying around with

Still monkeying around with my template.

"Commas and full stops

"Commas and full stops (periods) at the end of quotations should be placed inside the end inverted comma (quotation mark)."


"Use quotation marks [ “ ” ] to set off material that represents quoted or spoken language. Quotation marks also set off the titles of things that do not normally stand by themselves: short stories, poems, and articles. Usually, a quotation is set off from the rest of the sentence by a comma; however, the typography of quoted material can become quite complicated. Here is one simple rule to remember: In the United States, periods and commas go inside quotation marks regardless of logic. Click HERE for an explanation (sort of).

In the United Kingdom, Canada, and islands under the influence of British education, punctuation around quotation marks is more apt to follow logic. In American style, then, you would write: My favorite poem is Robert Frost's "Design." But in England you would write: My favorite poem is Robert Frost's "Design". The placement of marks other than periods and commas follows the logic that quotation marks should accompany (be right next to) the text being quoted or set apart as a title. Thus, you would write (on either side of the Atlantic):

* What do you think of Robert Frost's "Design"? and
* I love "Design"; however, my favorite poem was written by Emily Dickinson."


"Now, keep in mind that this comma and period inside the quotation marks business is strictly American usage. The British don't do it that way. They are inclined to place commas and periods logically rather than conventionally, depending on whether the punctuation belongs to the quotation or to the sentence that contains the quotation, just as we do with question marks and exclamation points."

Well then, there you go.

Well, the sun came

Well, the sun came out, so it looks like they won't have to have the picnic in a warehouse again this year. Bet it'll be muddy, though.

One of the funniest

One of the funniest blog titles I've seen so far: Amish Tech Support.

I like slow speed

I like slow speed films. I'm talking about film with an ISO of under 100. Sure, I frequently shoot in the 100-400 range, but there is something about the way the fine grain films look. So nice. It is getting harder and harder to find, though.

Before they discontinued it (am I sensing a theme?) I was very fond of Agfa Ultra 50, a color print film. I once shot a roll of Kodachrome 25. Again, discontinued. Thank goodness Fuji is still making Velvia 50 slide film.

I guess amatuers tends towards fast films, and professionals are going digital. *sigh* I'm not a Luddite, but man, I'm going to hang on to film as long asI can.

Sponsors so far: 2

Sponsors so far:

2 "anonymous"

Luke Arthur


Amy Westra

Thanks guys. See? All the cool people are doing it. Only $20 to go before the annoying ad goes away.

Odd, I just noticed

Odd, I just noticed that while the time stamps that appear on the blog are accurate, the time stamps on my edit page are 6 hours ahead.

Ok, the first pledge

Ok, the first pledge of $100 will receive a framed copy of "Queen of Pentacles", the photo to the left of the title.

Also, the current pledge total is $130. When it goes over $200, I will make the ad at the top of the page go away.

Disclaimer: My view are


My view are my own. I do not necessarily speak *for* PPWI. Go to their for their official stands.

Ok, still trying to

Ok, still trying to drum up pledges for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.

Why should you pledge? Because they need the money and it is the right thing to do. Pro-life? Well, Planned Parenthood provides more than just abortions....in fact that is just a teeny-tiny minority of what they do. Their mission is to provide education and reproductive health care for all people. Ideally, the education and contraception they provide will prevent unplanned pregnancies in the first place, before they even happen. (Hence the name.) No pregancy=no abortion.

For some women, Planned Parenthood actually provides the only health care they ever receive. They charge for services on a need-based sliding scale. Sometimes, they will even provide service for free. Poor people and students, those who are without insurance, can actually afford care that they wouldn't be able to get elsewhere. Breast and pelvic exams and pap shmears can save lives, but only if you can get them.

How about the sex ed? Shouldn't that be left to parents? I think that ideally, parents *would* be able to teach their kids everything there was to know about sex and sexuality. However, that isn't always the case. For one thing, some parents just don't do it. Should their kids be denied basic information? Should a teenager end up pregnant or with an STD because mom and dad were squeamish? Should someone reach adulthood and go out into the world only knowing what they picked up "on the streets" or from TV? It isn't just teens that need this info. Another thing with parents is that they may not have all the facts. When I was taking the volunteer educators class, we were all suprised at how much we didn't know. We were all grown, educated women, yet we had a good deal of misinformation about contraception, biology, and STD's. Planned Parenthood teaches classes for all ages and social groups. Classes can be for teenagers or classes can be for parents looking to talk to their kids.

You might not agree with every single thing that Planned Parenthood does, but I believe that the net outcome is worthwhile. Thanks.

BTW, props to Nathan

BTW, props to Nathan for taking the original photo from which my title piece came. I couldn't get over to Milwaukee to get one myself, but dude came through. I would like to state for the record that he does indeed rock da house.

I've Photoshopped a number of versions of this thing, so expect the image to change as my mood changes.

Besides 24 hour Blogging,

Besides 24 hour Blogging, today I plan to get a lot of packing done. I've gotten to the point where it is mostly random stuff that doesn't pack well, or stuff that I think I might be needing. It is time to make the big push.

(I am also going to try to stay in my pajamas as long a possible.)

Tee-hee. While looking for

Tee-hee. While looking for information on Heyday Bars, I came across this page. It did make me giggle with it's tone of almost hysterical paranoia. However the "about us" page did raise a few valid points about freedom of choice.

I don't like smoking. (I also dislike Big, Corporate Tobacco.) Smoke makes me uncomfortable. I'm allergic, so I sneeze. I have asthma, so I cough. The smell of tobacco smoke gets very sour, and clings ot my hair and clothes until they are washed. The smell of someone who has just been smoking is totally obnoxious. Basically, secondhand tobacco smoke makes me ill.

I think people should be allowed to do what they want, so long as they aren't hurting anyone else. Second hand smoke does hurt me. I don't want to deal with it. I'd love to go out dancing or see a show at a bar without having to bring my inhaler and planning to wash my hair immeadiately upon returning home. Unfortunately, I don't have that choice in Wisconsin. Not everybody here smokes, but since it is allowed in bars, the people who do smoke light up constantly. I haven't been in a bar that wasn't hazy with smoke...even fancy expensive bars. (I hear that California doesn't have smokng in bars. I've gotta go see that.) This means that my choices are:

A. Put up with harmful smoke in order to attend and event that I enjoy.


B. Stay home or go elsewhere.

Smokers get to choose:

A. Go out and smoke.


B. Go out and don't smoke for a few hours.


C. Go out and go outside or elsewhere for a cigarette.


D. Quit smoking.

Does this seem fair? Not really. Someone else's life style choice and addiction is directly effecting whatI can do and whereI can go. Yes, I am aware that quitting is difficult. Yes, I am aware that having a nicotine fit and not being able to smoke for a few hours is uncomfortable. Boo-hoo. I didn't make you start smoking. You made your choice and I made mine. Quit whining.

Oh, I do love

Oh, I do love publishing three times to get things to update. At least the template is behaving. (Knock on wood.)

Last night I went

Last night I went to the store to pick up some blogging caffeine, and decided to grab some cookies or ice cream for late night snacking. As I wandered down the cookie aisle (which was also the greeting cards aisle and the aisle for diapers. Go figure.) I looked in vain for Nabisco Hayday Bars. I haven't seen them in years. Those and the Nabisco Devil's Food cakes where two of my favorite cookies. In the Nabisco section, there were Marshmallow Pinwheels in the old style of brown package that the Heyday bars came in, but all of the other cookies were SnackWells. Now, SnackWells does make a Devil's Food Cake, but I get supspicious of the low-fat cookies. They taste fine, but they just seem....wrong.

I went home and Googled Heyday bars, wondering if I could order them from somewhere, only to discover the awful truth: they had been discontinued. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! They were the best cookies ever! *sniffle* I'll have to add them to Pudding Pops in my campaign to bring them back.

Hometown.favorites.com provides a long list of food products that are no longer made. Some make me sad (Keebler Grasshopper Chocolate Mint Sandwich) but others make me wonder why it was ever made in the first place (Pepsi Crystal).

Does anyone remember Royal's candy? I miss those, too.

It is grey and

It is grey and raining outside, though pleasantly cool. Today is the day of my company's picnic. I missed it last year (when it was sunny) but made it the first year I worked there. 2000 was the Year of the Rain in Madison, and sure enough, that day was a torrential downpour. The picnic was supposed to be held at Lake Kegonsa State Park but we held it in the company's second (warehouse-y) building.

I was scheduled to work Saturdays, so I put in a half day and then headed across the parking lot to socialize and eat. I didn't mind the rain, as I had a big umbrella. However, I didn't realize how deep the puddles in the parking lot had gotten, and suddenly found myself hip-deep in water. Icky. I slogged around the party for afew minutes in dripping jeans and squishy sneakers, then headed back through the rain for my car, where I was lucky enough to have a pair of shorts and sandals to change into. Not quite warm enough for the day, but it was dry.

It was my first real socialization with co-workers, and I was still pretty nervous around them. Now I hang out with some of them so much that I look back on that day with amazement. What a shy little goof I was.

Good morning, kids. Are

Good morning, kids. Are we all here? OK then, let's do this.

Well, there's the redesign,

Well, there's the redesign, at least for now. I'll look at it again in 8 hours when the Blogathon begins. For now, I'm going to bed.

Ok, it is really

Ok, it is really amazing the calming effect that usingPhotoshop can have on me. I'm soooo mellow now.

Now *here's* a domain

Now *here's* a domain name: www.whyiseveryonesocranky.com.

I cantell you why I'm so cranky right this minute: it Friday night and there is nothing to do besides pack. I'm hot and I'm bored and no one else is home. I'm still on the bloody west side. None of the utility bills have been paid, even though I wrote my checks for them weeks ago. Work sucked for the most part today. I'm so crabby that I'm even annoying myself right now. AAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I promise I will try to be cheerier and upbeat tomorrow.

<whine> Good lord, it

<whine> Good lord, it is Friday night. Why am I home? </whine>

I caught a news

I caught a news story on the radio today about a church that was raising money by way of porta-potties. Unfortunately, I can't find the story online. It must be somewhere! I'll keep Googling.

Got into a strange

Got into a strange arguement at work yesterday. It was argued that (for example), "I read that, too," is incorrect, and should instead be, "I read that, also," or "as well". I actually had to go borrow a dictionary to prove to them that "too" and "also" were pretty much interchangeable, and that either was correct in the sentence. Even then they were skeptical. Oy vay!

On a side note, you may have noticed that I sometimes put the comma or period outside the punctuation marks, rather than inside as is customary. I was taught to put it on the inside, but I find that it looks weird on the computer. Then I read somewhere (can't find the link!) that the convention was starting to change, for that very reason. I still do the old way by habit much of the time. I am trying to work out a consistent method, but it will take time.

<sarcasm> Oooooo Steve Earle

<sarcasm> Oooooo Steve Earle is an unpatriotic America-hater. Thank God we still have Neil Young. </sarcasm>

Yeah, whatever. Subtlety and irony have gone bye-bye.

Ooooooo. The Down from

Ooooooo. The Down from the Mountain tour is going to be in Madison at the Kohl Center. Now way in hellI can afford the ticket, so I'll just listen to my O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack and be envious of the yuppies who *can* afford to go. Lucky stiffs.

On the other hand, I did win admission to the upcoming Josh Joplin solo show at Luther's Blues. Not a big Josh Joplin fan or anything, but I do love winning radio contests.

Publishing is going slowly.

Publishing is going slowly. During the Blogathon this weekend, I really will update every half hour. However, I fear it may not end up looking that way.

This morning on Metafilter

This morning on Metafilter I read a link to am awful web page. Whiny, hateful, ill-conceived, ect. I thought about linking to it and making comments, but then it occured to me...why? Why give him more traffic? Besides, it hasn't been updated since 2000, so maybe the dude is feeling better.....maybe?

If you are really morbidly curious, you'll have to go to MeFi yourself and look for it. Neener.

Move over Miss Manors,

Move over Miss Manners, the Etiquette Grrls are here.

Tee-hee. Maybe instead of

Tee-hee. Maybe instead of requesting a pony, kids should learn to ask their parents for "an expensive couch."

Dear lord, I have

Dear lord, I have less than a week to moving day. So much to do before then. I always start to doubt that I will get erything packed in time, cleaned in time, etc. I also wonder about the security deposit. Brian accidentally dropped a stick of inscence drop on the living room carpet this winter, and there is a three inch burn that formed before anyone noticed it. It was new carpet when we moved in. Wonder how much off that'll be?

On the upside, only a week until I'm done whining about moving. That's always a bonus.

For the moment, I

For the moment, I am going to ignore the template problems. The double posts are weird, but livable for the time being. I will be working on a redesign during the Blogathon this weekend anyway, so we shall see what happens. My worry, however, is that during the 24 hours during which I am supposed to update my blog every half hour, that Blooger is going to hiccup or crash completely, rendering publishing impossible. It isn't unheard of after all.

Sooooooo sick of this

Sooooooo sick of this crazy template problem let me tell you. Bet you are sick of hearing about it.

Any other Blogger/Blogspot users having similar problems?

Double posts? WTF?

Double posts? WTF?

Roses don't burn well.

Roses don't burn well. Just thought you might like to know.


Ok, some explanation. I save stuff. Sentimental stuff. I have a huge box full of old letters and notes. I save ticket stubs. For years I have saved dried flowers. At first I saved every flower I ever got, as they were a rarity. Most of them were carnations, with one or two roses mixed in. Eventually, I weeded out all the non-rose flowers, and had a large vase full of dried roses.

It sat high up on a shelf.I can no longer remember which came from friends and family, which were from lovers, and which I bought myself. The pinks and reds grew browner and browner in time.

As I am moving in one week, I am sorting through my stuff: packing, tossing, donating. I came across the vase of dried buds and thought, "Oh Cripes, how the hell do I pack this?" The truth be told, I didn't want to. It was starting to look dusty and morbid in a Miss Havisham sort of way. Out they go.

The trash can didn't seem right. Neither did the compost heap. Then it occurred to me that I still have a fireplace, and it is a rather cool night. Dried stuff is flamable, I like burning stuff (with in reason), and roses would smell like inscence, right? Well, a pile of dried roses might look flamable, but getting them to catch is a bit of a trick. Not much of an inscence smell either. Mostly just a general smoke smell. Ah well.

One less bit of stuff to clutter up my life and my space.

Hmmm. Well, alright then.

I had an Idea

I had an Idea today. It seemed like a good Idea. I will have to think on it further.

At the moment, however, I only have a headache.

Blogger, you are making

Blogger, you are making me sad. Why are you being so uncooperative the week before the Blogathon?

Ah friggin'-A. After all

Ah friggin'-A. After all the work I did to get my template fixed, it's all broken again. Be-otch.

A girl I know

A girl I know recently wrote this. I thought was funny yet kinda true:

"Love and attraction are not logical.

You cannot approach it with logic (and expect it to work).

Think of logic as the Cryptonite of Love."

Ok, enough packing and

Ok, enough packing and slacking. Time to go swim.

Willy Porter also has

Willy Porter also has a new album coming out. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be playing Madison any time soon.

Coldplay has a new

Coldplay has a new radio single out, and I am quite enjoying it. I enjoyed their last radio single, too. If I had more of a budget for CD buying, I would pick up their albums. As it is, I will just have to catch them on the radio.

In other news, my

In other news, my camera from sovietcamera.com never did show up. I don't know if it ever got sent, if it got lost in shipping, or if it is just moving sloooooowy through the USPS. However, they never responded to any of my e-mails. In fact, everything bounced back to me from their Yahoo mailbox. I wrote to CCnow.com, the people who took take of the credit card transaction, and they also tried to amke contact about it. When they had no success either, they refunded my credit card. So, the downside is no shiny 120 camera for me. The upside is that I got my money back. Maybe next time....

Currently stuffing my printer

Currently stuffing my printer back into its box. Yup, I am one of those people who saves the original box to re-pack for moving. Gotta love packing material that is made to fit just right!

I just got a

I just got a look at myself in the mirror, and I'm still laughing. This is my current packing get-up:

Barefoot, dust-covered khaki shorts, bikini top (too hot for a shirt today), raggedy red bandana, and a doubled-up pony tail. I look like a cross between Aunt Jemima and a beach party refugee.

The Bourne Identity Reviewed:

The Bourne Identity Reviewed:

I'd have to agree with The Onion's review

Update: Ack! Where did the rest of my post go? I had another three whole paragraphs here. Cripes, I soooo don't feel like redoing it.

Wonderful weekend. I had

Wonderful weekend. I had a good mix of activites. Missed out on the family reunion, but I've gotten a lot of packing done. I also got to:

1. Go to the farewell send off for two of my co-workers.

2. Hang out at the Terrace and eat ice cream.

3. Hit the Dane County Farmer's Market for shopping and people watching.

4. Saw The Bourne Identity. (Review to follow.)

5. Sushi.

6. More people watching on State Street.

7. More ice cream. (Yum.)

8. Watched the DVD of Heat, as Lukifer had never seen it, and what better movie to watch in this weather.

I had been thinking of going for a bike ride when I got to a breaking point in my packing this afternoon, but the heat index has put the kibosh on that. I may go swimming instead. Definately time for some lemonade.

One more try, and

One more try, and then I'm calling it quits for the night. I'd really like to stay with Blogger, and not migrate to Movable Type but.....

<crossing fingers>

Here goes.

Oooo, and there goes

Oooo, and there goes the sitemeter icon.....

Okay, so now the

Okay, so now the Powered by Blogger and Comments by Yaccs have gone away again.

And comments?....(Holding my breath...)

Some success. I seem

Some success. I seem to have gotten the Blogger button and the sitemeter to stay in place.

By the way, my

By the way, my mouth is starting to hurt. I've taken something to dull the ache, but it only helps a bit. On the (small) up side, we were able to use nitrous this time. They realized that if they greatly increased the oxygen ratio for me, the awful pins-and-needles feeling in my limbs would go away. OK, so apparently they knew that last time, but there was a miscommunication.

Still working on fixing

Still working on fixing the template. Seems funny, given that I am planning a redesign, but I'd kinda like to make sure what I have now works properly before I change it to something new.

Of course, because you

Of course, because you know *every* pregnant woman gets her test at Planned Parenthood. It is also not a medical record if it is medically related, but the test was given by a non-doctor.

Please, here are the rest of my civil liberties. Take them, please. I am sure that the government can take care of all my interests better thanI can. Here are all my medical records. Here is a list of all the library books I've ever checked out. Would you like a copy of my church attendance? Excuse me, I must go iron my burqua.....

This really pisses me

This really pisses me off. It goes to prove that men and women are still not equal under law.

Well, two things I

Well, two things I had planned on doing this summer where:

1. Go to my mom's family reunion.

2. See Aretha Franklin at the Madison Blues Festival.

However, I can't go to the reunion due to the fact that I have so little time left before I have to move, and so much to do in that time. Leaving ton for two days won't help.

I also found out this morning that Aretha Franklin has canceled her Blues Fest appearance. I guess that will save me some money. Probably couldn't afford a ticket anyway.

Had an awful dream

Had an awful dream this morning. I dreamt that a sweet older woman I know--a grandmother--was actually a serial killer of little girls. In the dream, she knew that I had discovered this fact, and I was rushing to gather hard evidence to take to the police before she could destroy it and/or kill me. Very disturbing, and I was glad to wake up.

I guess that will teach me not to read the news before going to bed.

Why? Why? Why? Five-year-old




Five-year-old girls should not be missing for over a year with no one noticing. Five-year-old girls should not be delibrately driven into the ocean. Five-year-old girls should not be stolen, raped, killed and dumped like a pile of trash.

Five-year-old girls should be given love and attention and space and hugs and finger paints and allowed to grow up to become little old women with blue hair who talk about how safe things were back in their day.

(And might I add,

(And might I add, my that's some Big Hair.)

Re: Mozilla The unmanagable

Re: Mozilla

The unmanagable bookmarks are still a pain, but I am totally loving the navigator tabs. It makes it very easy to go back and forth between pages. Mozilla also seems to be a very fast loading browser, and doesn't crash all the time like some programs I could mention. <cough>

The template problem is

The template problem is still a problem. Trying not to be terribly put out.

In today's mail: "07/13/02

In today's mail:


Dear Katherine,

You recently applied for employment at Lands' End........"

Recently? Um, 9 months ago? Yes, they've been calling me this week, trying to set up and interview for a crappy part-time job I applied for during my unemployment last year. Since I never called them back, they sent me a letter as well. All I can say is that I am so glad I *don't* need to get in touch with them anymore.

On the cheerier end

On the cheerier end of things, I went swimming after work tonight, and had a blast watching all of the families with little kids. I kept thinking, "I remember when that was me!"

"Mommy! Daddy! Watch me do this!" *splash*

Today I got a

Today I got a call from my dentist's receptionist, to remind me that I have an appointment tomorrow for some more fillings....and to let me know that it will be around $1650. Ouch! Um, why didn't you guys tell me that when I made the appointment a month ago? Sure, my insurance will pay half, but half of that is still a lot. It is going to hurt in more ways that one. (Plus, it is close to the nerve, so expect whimpering tomorrow night.)

Needless to say, this came at a time when I was pondering the ability to climb out of the credit debt hole. Nope, not gonna happen. I should accept the fact that while I am a responsible person, while I work hard, full time, while I budget carefull and don't spend extravagantly, I will always be in the hole, barely scraping by. Everything on my credit card bill at this point is from medical bills (what the insurance didn't cover), dental bills (ditto....gotta love the US insurance system), and car repairs. No jet-setting trips to the Bahamas, no Prada bags, no Gucci shoes, no fine wine or four star meals...just big, unavoidable expenses. (Hmmm, should I start aSave Katherine page? Nah, I guess it's been done.)

It got me thinking...I am a responsible, hard worker destined for a life of scraping by. One among the millions. And, as far a scraping by goes, I've got it easy. Then there are hereditary rich-boys with little sense of ethics like George W. Bush, DickCheney, so many others in the current admin, and all those cheating CEO's that have driven company after company into bankruptcy while collecting their huge severance packages. They are scoundrels and thieves, but not only do they thrive, they get to claim the moral high road. (Well, Dubya does.)

It is kinda discouraging.

It is a nice

It is a nice cool night, but my room stays warm. I have to keep shutting the door and those wee white beasties, so the breeze from the fan by the open patio door gets shut out.

This is the time of year when I am reminded of my annual pet peeve....I can't take off my shirt in public, no matter how hot it gets. Oh sure, technically it may be legal in the city of Madison for a woman to remove her shirt any where that a man is permitted to. That doesn't mean she *can* though. A woman (especially a large breasted woman) takes off her shirt in public and all hell breaks loose. Stares, whistles, lewd comments, rude comments, sermons from the (self) righteous. Any harrassment or attacks....well, she was certainly asking for it, wasn't she?

Our culture has over fetishized the female breast. Toddlers are about the only females totally allowed to go shirtless. (Though I do remember being allowed to run about without a shirt in the yard, at least, until I was about 5 or 6.) Men desired them, therefore women must cover them, for the public good. What was the first thing Western missionaries would do when reaching a new tribe in a tropical local? Make the women cover themselves.

Unfortunately, the only way to disarm this stupidity is to for women to start going topless, for the cultural desensitization to occur. Pioneers in this movement won't have it easy. I know I don't have the courage to be one of them. I also won't be opening a car wash any time soon.

Well, I still can't

Well, I still can't get the code for even the Blogger button to stay on my template. So I am giving up futzing with it for tonight.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

We're having trouble with a template server. Some Pro blogs are publishable right now. Others aren't. Non-Pro is not publishing. We're working hard on it. Thanks.
posted by Ev. | 3:38 PM

Well, I guess that is why my comments, counters, and the Blogger button are gone. I went into the template to fix the code by hand, as bits of it seem to have disappeared or gone screwy. I fixed the blogger button first, as that is part of the user agreement. Got it up and working, then went back in to check on the rest of it. When I went into the template, it was back to being screwed up.....none of my fixes to bring back the blogger button remained, even though I'd saved them. I guess I am going to have to wait until they get the problem fixed. I hope it is soon. Till then, patience will have to do.

(Suddenly nervous about Blogathon. By the way, you can still sponsor this blog until July 20th. Please do!)

Bugger. My template has

Bugger. My template has gone all wacky. Dunno how, but I am going to have to work on that.

Argh! I took some

Argh! I took some rolls of film in to be developed, and opened up my Olympus point and shoot to grad the film out of it. The display said that the roll was finished. The film always rewinds when the roll is finished. Guess what?.....

....Yup, the roll was finished, but hadn't rewound. Fortunately, I don't remember what was on that roll, so I might be okay. (Oh wait, was that my cute little cousin pics from my Uncle's B-day? Ouch.)

It is sunny and

It is sunny and hot. I think I'm going swimming.

I went grocery shopping

I went grocery shopping tonight. Didn't buy much, as I am moving at the end of the month, and I want to use up as much of my food as I can. However, it got me thinking about the change in my shopping habits.

When I was in college, I went grocery shopping once a week. I only bought what would fill one carry basket (ie one paper sack worth) because I had to carry everything home on foot, several blocks. I also limited my food budget to $15 a week. Ramen noodles were 6/$1. Bananas and baking potatoes were pretty cheap per pound. Canned fruit and veggies were another staple. I bought a lot of generic, and shopped with coupons. Meat was usually put of the question. It wasn't a very exciting diet, or probably very well-rounded, but it kept me going.

Now I have a car, a full time job, and access to an entire city's worth of grocery stores and markets. My grocery budget has gone up to about $25 a week. Still not much, but the extra $10 means that I buy no ramen and have a little more variety in my diet.

The hard part is buying food to make myself real meals. Anyone who has had to shop and cook for one will know this. Smaller portions mean higher cost. Perishables such as produce, meat, and dairy need to be used quickly, to prevent spoilage. Meals cooked for one result in leftovers galore. I refuse to buy much on the way of convenience food. Most microwave meals don't appeal to me. I end up eating a lot of pasta and rice, with calcium enriched orange juice as my main beverage choice.

Even having roommates hasn't helped this dilemma. Try as I might, I can rarely get my apartment mates to the table, or to the fridge for the leftovers. I really miss family dinners. As of August, I won't even have roommates to cajole into eating with me. Anyone wanna come over for dinner?

Oooooh. Excitement at Metafilter.

So far I have

So far I have but one complaint about Mozilla...it's those damn bookmarks. The heading says "Manage Bookmarks" but the truth is that they are completetly unmanagable. Duplicate entries that refuse to be deleted. Entries that refuse to move. Entries that seem to move on their own. Complete chaos, and it's starting to piss me off...at least, to the extent that I will let something that lame piss me off.

Any Mozilla users out there with suggestions on bookmark management?

Error 503:Unable to load

Error 503:Unable to load template file: /home/Templates2/3272702_a.html (server:page)


Here's a question: I

Here's a question:

I am attempting to de-Microsoft my life. Part of this involves switching my e-mail program from Outlook Express to Eudora Lite. Can anyone out there tell me if it is possible (and how) to transfer my old messages, address book, and signature file from one to the other? (My platform is MacOS9)

Just got Mozilla. Woo-hoo!

Just got Mozilla. Woo-hoo!

My life is being

My life is being taken over by cardboard.

(can't I just be moved already?)

Help! On one of

Help! On one of the blogs I read, there was recently a link to a great animation of a VW bug at a gas station, turning into a transformer robot. However, I never book marked it and now I can't find the damn thing. Has anyone seen it? I don't remeber where I found the link.

There is very little

There is very little in the world like the feeling you get when you've been having a bad dream, and someone wakes you up from it, wanting to know if you are ok. Very comforting.

Dear Lord, Please save

Dear Lord,

Please save and preserve this nation from your "followers".

Antonin Scalia,as a Supreme Court Justice, makes me rather queasy.

How is it the the right-wingers are able to deride the Muslim theocracies and jihad, yet be so willing to build a Christian one here?

(Click here to read a full transcript of Scalia's remarks.)

Best wishes and prayers

Best wishes and prayers to Daniel and Oreta of Dreaded Purple Master. Daniel had a heart attack on Monday morning, but according to Oreta, he is doing okay.

I was following the

I was following the Corsetorium webring around for a bit. Many wonderful sites, I'd suggest following the ring about for a while.Here is a nice example site. Truly fascinating. If there was ever a garment that inspired mixed feelings in me, it is the corset. I had to wear a corset once in a costuming class. Not terribly comfortable as lounge-wear, but neither was it painful--just....different. As a garment the corset has been a practical undergarment, a fetish object, and/or a torture chamber, depending on who was involved.

This article sums up the dangers of tight-laced corsetry. Some of them bring to mind the consequences of footbinding. Moderation in everything, people! Moderation!

Love letters and lots

Love letters and lots of colors.

The US Postal Service has love letters.

More love letters...

Also: Love letters of the Civil War

And finally, How to write love letters.

Are love letters a lost art? Can e-mail do the same thing? I have a huge collection of notes and letters from high school, some of them lingering on the edges of love-letterhood, but no little bundles wrapped in ribbons.
My parents' love letters used to be kept in a pretty pink paper cigar box, until a flooded basement storage area reduced them to muck.

Will I ever write a love letter? (Especially now that postage has gone up again?) E-mail is something of a different medium, though it seems close on the surface. It seems more casual, and harder to preserve. Part of love letters' mystique is the fact that they are an object, a token.

The cats are both

The cats are both staring at me. <shudder>

Kayjay has 4 sponsors

Kayjay has 4 sponsors for a total of 130.00 pledged.

C'mon people. 24 hours of blogging for a good cause. I'd think a few more of you could pony up. There will be a bit of a site redesign, and if I get at least $200, I will make that annoying ad at the top of the page go away.

BTW, last night I

BTW, last night I registered irvingplace.net. Nothing there at the moment, but eventually all this will be moving there. Less packing than my current move. (15 boxes and counting so far, and that's just the books!)

On the road by

On the road by 2010? Shall I start saving up now? Please?

(via Metafilter)

Ah, the evils of

Ah, the evils of PowerPoint abuse. Click to add title is brilliant.

In that note, I subbed with a fourth grade class who were learning to use...and abuse PowerPoint in their computer class. Sound effects, animations, the whole shebang....it really appeals to young kids. *sigh* Setting them on the road to bad design habits early.

There will be a

There will be a new design on its way soon. (Many thanks to Nathan for the photo. Saved me a long car trip.)

Judge Goodwin tells it

Judge Goodwin tells it like it is.

I am pleased that people I don't always agree with (ie. conservatives) are with me on the pledge issue. Of course, these are conservatives who think with their intellect, not their automatic nervous systems.

Of course, we in Madison have already through this controversy before.

And, as far as "In God We Trust" goes, I'm quite happy with "E Pluribus Unum", thank you very much.

Here's another well reasoned essay on the subject.)

I am working on

I am working on a redesign for Irving Place. Should be done by the Blogathon. I currently have been pledged $130 from four people. If and when we make it to $200, I will have the ad removed from this site. C'mon people, it's for a good cause.

Hung out with the

Hung out with the sis tonight. Dinner at Wasabi for ethnic food adventure. Besides having my favorite sushi roll, a Boston roll with cucumber, I had gyoza. Nummy pan fried dumplings with sauce. I also sampled some of the shrimp that Gretchy-gretch couldn't finish. Great food, excellent service and beautiful surroundings. It is easy to see why Wasabi is Madison's favorite Japanese restaurant.

After eating we hit the Memorial Union for ice cream and the Natty Nation show. The band was in fine form, stirrin' it up on a pleasantly sultry Madison night. As usual, the Terrace was jumpin' with a mix of everybody you could think of. We ran into a friend of my dad's, who we hadn't seen in years (until the other week at my uncle's birthday party, that is....). He sat with us for a while, and tried to convince us to work for the Barrett for Governor campaign.

We followed the show with a walk down State Street, listening to street buskers and running into more people we knew.

All in all, a good night.

Watched "Streetcar Named Desire"

Watched "Streetcar Named Desire" last night. So sad. Poor fragile Blanche. Poor stupid Mitch.

Ok, not a big

If you aren't outraged

I have this courtesy

I have this courtesy of my friend Kerri:

The Virtual Corkscrew Museum.

(I especially love the bit on "How to collect.")

I am full of

I am full of questions today. Here is another one. What happened to Jello Pudding Pops? Why don't they make them anymore? I want some. They were the best.

What is the flavor

What is the flavor of Mt. Dew? Is it merely sweet and vaguely citrusy or does it have a particular taste that it is going for. 7UP and Sprite are lemon-lime. Coke and Pepsi are cola. What is Mt. Dew? Is it suppose to just taste dewy?

I remember reading a

I remember reading a story in a grade school reading textbook (Shoulder High possibly?). It was Chinese or Japanese, and involved a man who swallowed a cherry seed and ended up with a cherry tree growing out of the top of his head. Someone eventually pulled out the tree, and he was left with a Hollow bowl that filled with water when it rained. I recall that the accompanying illustrations were very cool. I really would like to see this story again. Does it ring a bell with anyone out there? Maybe I should get in touch with someone from my grade school. If anyone out there knows of this story, let me know.

It occurred to me

It occurred to me today, while listening to the Oldies station....not only are the Beatles the best rock band ever, they are also the best cover band ever.

Flame on!

Speaking of Dubya's theft....

Speaking of Dubya's theft....

(Yes, I've been reading Metafilter this morning.

Investigators Want Records From

Investigators Want Records From Planned Parenthood


"DES MOINES, Iowa -- Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa is fighting a judge's order to hand over the names of women who took pregnancy tests in Buena Vista County.

Storm Lake, Iowa, investigators are searching for the mother of a newborn baby whose body was found at a recycling center in May.

The legal battle is the first of its kind for Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa. The case questions where to draw the line between patient privacy and investigating crimes."

This begs the question of whether the woman who dumped her infant even necessarily *took* a pregancy test, at Planned Parenthood or anywhere. If she did take a test, it was most likely over the counter. Women who dump their newborns have usually hidden their pregnancy. Taking a pregnancy test at a clinic would not seem like the action of someone who is going to put her newborn with the recycling.

Criminy. I just realized

Criminy. I just realized that I've been spelling "rehearsal" wrong several times in this thing. I don't feel like going back and fixing them right now. I will just hang my head in spelling shame.

Oy, what a bunch

Oy, what a bunch of trivia. :)

I still don't have

I still don't have an "about me" section on this page. (Wait, isn't this whole site "about me"?) Here is a rough draft:

50 Random Facts About Me

1. I am four going on forty.

2. I dislike making telephone calls, yet I get absurdly excited and hopeful when the phone rings.

3. Trains make me nervous.

4. I like spiders (in moderation).

5.I can get veeeeeery shy and awkward with people I don't know very well.

6. I am very much a night person, yet I love sunshine.

7. I usually remember my dreams.

8. I am not a lucid dreamer.

9. I love dogs.

10. Not so much a fan of cats. They are ok at a distance, though.

11. Table saws make me nervous.

12.I can roll my tongue (and my "r"s), raise on eyebrow, and cross my eyes.

13. I can't do a handstand, a cartwheel, or walk on my hands, but I wish I could.

14. My two front teeth are partially plastic, as a result of #13.

15. I have had the chickenpox.

16. I use a Mac.

17. I don't understand the big deal about diamonds....yeah they're sparkley but there's no color.

18. Lillies of the Valley are my favorite flower.

19. My favorite colors are red, green, and blue (depending on hue and context).

20. I tend to be running late or very early.

21. I think the Beatles are still the greatest rock and roll band of all time.

22. I play piano, violin, and tin whistle....badly.

23. I sing alto....so long as I don't have to sing by myself. (Keep my in the choir.)

24. I am a decent, though rusty and mostly self-taught, percussionist.

25. I like my whole name Katherine Johnna, and miss hearing my middle name.

26. Variations on my name, such as Kathy, and misspellings make me cringe.

27. My first real concert was They Might Be Giants.

28. I like naps.

29. I love sushi. (Tuna or salmon rolls with avacado, cucumber and sesame seed rock my world.)

30. I like the idea of coffee, but not the beverage itself.

31. I like tea.

32. I love to read, and have a weakness for sci-fi/fantasy. I also love to read out of the children's and young adults' sections.

33. Sesame Street is one of the greatest shows ever.

34. I wish Muppets were real, especially Grover.

35. Where the Wild Things Are was my favorite childhood book.

36. I love photography.

37. I like to swim, and prefer to use an oddly done backstroke.

38. I am a good baker.

39. I believe in magic.

40. I am a Christian and raised Lutheran, but no longer claim any particular sect.

41. Popsicles are fun.

42. I have never left the country.

43. I share a birthday with Laura Ingalls Wilder, and read the Little House books over and over as a child.

44. I believe in ghosts.

45. I have a tattoo.

46. I am right handed.

47. I am left eyed. (It's an archery thing.)

48. I have green eyes.

49. I love red shoe lace licorice.

50. I am an Aquarius sun/ Taurus moon, and was born in the year of the dragon.

Cautiously hopeful. That is

Cautiously hopeful. That is how I am currently facing the future. I feel like I am tiptoeing towards whatever comes next, but at least I am moving forward. So much to do!

Here is a story

Here is a story that has been both Limbo'd and Blowtorched but I feel the need to point to it as well.

Tired of hearing about the 2000 election? Well, you should still be outraged. Seriously, the next time I hear someone blame the Nader voters, I might just start screaming. The Republicans were out to steal the thing, no matter what it took.

First the Pledge, now

First the Pledge, now the death penalty. Judges are on a roll.

I am now officially

I am now officially a part of Blogathon 2002, I will be blogging for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, and I'm looking for sponsors. Mark your calanders for July 27th.

Ugh. There was a

Ugh. There was a power outage sometime last night on my side of town. I think I need to set a back-up alarm with my old annoying battery powered clock.

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