There is a river

There is a river that runs past my workplace, and I like to go down and sit by it on my breaks. A few weeks ago, I found a nice fishing lure and some line snagged on a weed. I pulled it out, and since I had no need for it, I tied the line to a stick and left it sitting on a low rock, thinking some kid could find it and use it.

Today I saw that it was still there, and the lure was in the water. I picked it up, thinking to set it somewhere more visible. Just as the lure started to move, there was a flash in the water and a tug...I'd caught a fish! I pulled it out, and there was a medium sized fish, a bit longer than the length of my hand. I chuckled, unooked it, threw it back in, and headed back to work to wash the fish smell off my hands.

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