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Enjoy the view

Quiet dignity. And a bird.

Central Park

OK people

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Do I turn the comments back on? Or will they just be spam catchers?


Another favorite of the wee one.

From a really good day

The wee one

There are a lot of things wrong with this image, but there is one that makes people laugh in horror everytime they find it. I hope no one was actually *paid* for this, though the fact that it is the cover of the mailer is dismaying enough.

For what it is worth, this full-sized image is huge, and I may delete it eventually. Enjoy!

Hohn Hohn Hohn

Ok, this one requires a small bit of explanation. I didn't take either of the photos, but I did mash them together. A few years ago, a woman on a message board I used to frequent talked about her recent trip to Paris, and mentioned how she had seen Michelangelo's David there. We were all puzzled by this, and tried to explain to her that David is in Florence, not Paris, and tried to be helpful by making suggestions as to what statue she may have seen.

She became pissed off and declared, "Well I don't speak French! I went to school in California!" and flounced off in a huff. At which point we stopped trying to be helpful and proceeded to snark. It was suggested that maybe David was also in Paris on vacation. And thus.


I need to get some more images scanned. But I've been busy. And lazy.

Someday I'll get myself a digital camera and save myself a few middle steps. That won't be any time soon, though.

I like this angle.

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