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Not a photo today.

This is a sketch I made in life drawing in the fall of 98. I was going through a phase of wanting to use materials other than my nice paper and pencils, so I did this in ballpoint pen and white-out, on that day's student newspaper. I ra

Another self-portrait, of sorts.


At the Orph


Summer days are good.

Another troll photo.

This reminds me of a woodblock print.

Just about one of my favorite photos.


Red is such a lovely color


Has the (P)Resident been out tagging?

It was just sitting there.

Part of a nutritious breakfast

(I'm in the chrome.)

I was checking out my site stats, and I noticed a couple of links from Curious as to what this was, I went to look and discovered that apparently, Irving Place is up for a Blog of the Week contest.

So, if you visit here and enjoy it, go vote.

Incidentally, I'm curious as to who nominated me. I'll open the comments if anyone wants to fess up. :)

On the wall of a catering supply company

Hey, look...color!

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