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Oh help. I've got another new way to take up my time: listening to Tim Gunn's Project Runway podcasts.


I'd been reading the TWoP recaps of Everwood last season and really enjoying them, though I had never seen the actual show. So I was very disappointed this year to discover that TWoP would no longer be recapping it--because it was just too consistantly good.

In order to get my fix, I got the first four 1st season episodes on DVD from the library and watched them tonight. Now, I can truly jon with AB Chao and say, "Damn you, Berlanti!" That really is a good show, and they know just how to go for the heartstrings, but not so often that you grow numb to it.

Looking forward to getting the next four episodes.



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I've been listening to a bit of Mike Doughty's new CD, Haughty Melodic, and what I have heard so far I have really liked. "Busting Up a Starbucks" is by far the most "stuck in my head" for me, but "Unsingable Name" may well become my favorite.

I'm also growing more and more fond of Carbon Leaf. (caution is clicking that link at work...music plays when it loads)

I really need to see both of the above the next time that they are in Madison. They were recently, but poverty made me miss the shows. Ah well, there will be other shows.


I've been reading Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming's Powers series, and man is it good. I've got the eight volumes that the Madison library has all checked out right now, and as I've read each one I keep the previous volumes by my side because there are so many little things that tie back and forth between them.

Sometimes they are so very subtle--the repeat of a scene, the look on the face of a character, an offhand comment. Unlike so many other comics out there (the big DC and Marvel titles) this series has a consistant team working on the story and art, and there is only one title. So the plot stays true throughout, as does the look. Stray bits of story come around in later episodes, and you don't have to chase down five different titles to keep track of it all.

The story really is gripping. It has held my attention since the first page of Who Killed Retro Girl? and I was pleased to see that elements of that story crop up again and again in later stories. You never get the whole tale, but if you pay attention, more will be revealed in time. My favorite character from WKRG? showed up in Legends, and in the way that I suspected, which pleased me to no end. Of course, now that I've read all eight, my choices are either to buy the next one or hope that the library acquire volume nine soonish. I'm actually considering buying them all, once I have the discretionary funds for it.


I really, really hate my job at this point. The only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning to look for teaching assignments is the fact that I have no other way to pay rent. Otherwide, I'd just say to hell with it and keep on sleeping. It doesn't help that they keep offering me awful, awful jobs. School starts again tomorrow, so back onto the horrible merry-go-round I go. Until then I'm going to take a nap or something.

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