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Mmmmmm, beeeeeer


Tonight I have discovered a new favorite brew. I have long been a devotee of New Glarus Brewery's Spotted Cow. I'm still a fan, but tonight I tried the Great Dane's Crop Circle Wheat. Wow. Seriously. Wow.

It was spicy and sweet, yet without losing that very refreshing beerish quality that is so important. Some beers that try to be sweet end up cloying, like Leinie's Berry Weiss. It was light and crisp and very satisfying. Truly, I'm in love.

Time for another film fest review

Because it's only been over a month. I'm getting lazy, aren't I? Anyway...

Travellers and Magicians was both beautiful and fascinating. It gets off to a slow start, but not slow in a "gawd, this is sooo boring. isn't anything going to happen?" sort of way. It's more slow in a "first thing in the morning, watching the sun rise" sort of way.

The main story is fairly simple and classic: young man from a small town in a small country tries to journey towards a "better" life in America. Along the way he meets troubles and frustrations, travelling companions, and deeper truths. It has a satisfying trajectory that avoids cliche.

The secondary story is a tale within a tale and it is also classic without cliche. Magic, poison, and a love triangle are all featured. The story has abrupt stops and starts, as it is being told in bits and pieces by a monk on the journey, and he is interrupted for things such as sleep and truck stops.

The setting of the film, Bhutan, is lush and gorgeous and exquistely filmed. Khyentse Norbu, the filmmaker, is also a Buddhist monk and the maker of The Cup, which I also intend to see soon.

Christ on a crutch

Pharmacist Refuses To Fill Prescriptions For Moral Reasons
Walgreens Allows Pharmacists To Not Dispense Drugs They Object To

POSTED: 12:56 pm CDT May 5, 2005

MILWAUKEE -- A WISN 12 News investigation has discovered that a Milwaukee-area pharmacist has refused to fill prescriptions for women citing religious reasons.

A Milwaukee mother of six walked into a north side Walgreens with a prescription for the so-called morning after pill.

The woman, who 12 News is not identifying, said it was a difficult decision.

"Financially, I wouldn't be able to afford having another child," Jane Doe said.

She asked 12 News to disguise her identity -- afraid of backlash from those who might judge her.

"I mean, I guess I was desperate," Doe said.

Doctors prescribe the pill to prevent pregnancy. It should be taken within 72 hours of conception.

"It was right after New Year's weekend. I got it as soon as I could," Doe said.

But the pharmacist refused to fill her prescription.

"She just told me that she will not fill it. That she's Catholic, and it's murder," Doe said.

Then, she said, before a crowded waiting area, the pharmacist berated her.

"'You're a murderer. I will not help you kill this baby. I will not have the blood on my hands,'" Doe said. "I tried to explain to her that it's emergency contraceptives, that it's not an abortion pill. She then snatched the form from me, that the prescription was attached to, telling me the paper was full of lies, and she won't be a part of it. I was crying, shaking, upset, so embarrassed. I wanted to run out of the store and hope nobody else could get a good look at me."

"So, did you ever get your emergency contraceptives?" 12 News Senior Investigative Reporter Colleen Henry asked.

"No, I never received that one," Doe said.

"And you became pregnant?" Henry asked.

"I did become pregnant, and I had to terminate the pregnancy. It was very hard. And I didn't want to be what she called me. But that's what I ended up being," Doe said. more...

This stuff is getting closer and closer to home.


I've been watching the trailer for Serenity over and over. I've very excited.

Did I mention that the network execs at Fox have their heads up their asses?

Mahler at Overture

Wow. That's about all I can really say. Wow. Performing the Mahler 8th at Overture Hall was pretty amazing. A. Mazing. Other than that I can't really find the words to describe it. I want to do it again.

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