Someone Else's Terrible Night

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Park Inventory LWCF 6-21-2010 041

Saturday night, while out watching the Perseids, I happened across an interesting scene at a park boat launch. A tow truck was at the top of the second ramp and people were moving around. Something was in the water, though in the darkness, I couldn't make it out at first. I thought perhaps a boat had sunk.

Then the facts of the matter hit me: a vehicle was almost completely submerged at the end of the ramp. Oh no! Looks like someone forgot to set the parking brake. As the tow truck did its work, a pickup truck, with open windows and a boat trailer behind it, slowly emerged from the water.

At one point, once it was out of the water, I noticed that the rear lights and windshield wipers were on, so the electrical systems had held up. However, given that it was likely running when it rolled into the drink, I'm willing to bet that the engine was most likely done for.

There were two people with the truck. I don't know who was responsible for it having rolled into the water, but I found myself hoping that it was the fault of the truck's owner. It has to feel awful knowing that you've ruined your truck. But having ruined your friend's truck? Oh lord. That might also ruin the friendship.

It was strange. I was out, having a perfectly lovely night of watching the sky and enjoying the meteor shower while just a few feet away from me, as a footnote to my evening, someone was having a bit of a nightmare. It rather put things into perspective. Also made me more appreciative of the excellent night I was having.

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