I still don't have

I still don't have an "about me" section on this page. (Wait, isn't this whole site "about me"?) Here is a rough draft:

50 Random Facts About Me

1. I am four going on forty.

2. I dislike making telephone calls, yet I get absurdly excited and hopeful when the phone rings.

3. Trains make me nervous.

4. I like spiders (in moderation).

5.I can get veeeeeery shy and awkward with people I don't know very well.

6. I am very much a night person, yet I love sunshine.

7. I usually remember my dreams.

8. I am not a lucid dreamer.

9. I love dogs.

10. Not so much a fan of cats. They are ok at a distance, though.

11. Table saws make me nervous.

12.I can roll my tongue (and my "r"s), raise on eyebrow, and cross my eyes.

13. I can't do a handstand, a cartwheel, or walk on my hands, but I wish I could.

14. My two front teeth are partially plastic, as a result of #13.

15. I have had the chickenpox.

16. I use a Mac.

17. I don't understand the big deal about diamonds....yeah they're sparkley but there's no color.

18. Lillies of the Valley are my favorite flower.

19. My favorite colors are red, green, and blue (depending on hue and context).

20. I tend to be running late or very early.

21. I think the Beatles are still the greatest rock and roll band of all time.

22. I play piano, violin, and tin whistle....badly.

23. I sing alto....so long as I don't have to sing by myself. (Keep my in the choir.)

24. I am a decent, though rusty and mostly self-taught, percussionist.

25. I like my whole name Katherine Johnna, and miss hearing my middle name.

26. Variations on my name, such as Kathy, and misspellings make me cringe.

27. My first real concert was They Might Be Giants.

28. I like naps.

29. I love sushi. (Tuna or salmon rolls with avacado, cucumber and sesame seed rock my world.)

30. I like the idea of coffee, but not the beverage itself.

31. I like tea.

32. I love to read, and have a weakness for sci-fi/fantasy. I also love to read out of the children's and young adults' sections.

33. Sesame Street is one of the greatest shows ever.

34. I wish Muppets were real, especially Grover.

35. Where the Wild Things Are was my favorite childhood book.

36. I love photography.

37. I like to swim, and prefer to use an oddly done backstroke.

38. I am a good baker.

39. I believe in magic.

40. I am a Christian and raised Lutheran, but no longer claim any particular sect.

41. Popsicles are fun.

42. I have never left the country.

43. I share a birthday with Laura Ingalls Wilder, and read the Little House books over and over as a child.

44. I believe in ghosts.

45. I have a tattoo.

46. I am right handed.

47. I am left eyed. (It's an archery thing.)

48. I have green eyes.

49. I love red shoe lace licorice.

50. I am an Aquarius sun/ Taurus moon, and was born in the year of the dragon.

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