Got into a strange

Got into a strange arguement at work yesterday. It was argued that (for example), "I read that, too," is incorrect, and should instead be, "I read that, also," or "as well". I actually had to go borrow a dictionary to prove to them that "too" and "also" were pretty much interchangeable, and that either was correct in the sentence. Even then they were skeptical. Oy vay!

On a side note, you may have noticed that I sometimes put the comma or period outside the punctuation marks, rather than inside as is customary. I was taught to put it on the inside, but I find that it looks weird on the computer. Then I read somewhere (can't find the link!) that the convention was starting to change, for that very reason. I still do the old way by habit much of the time. I am trying to work out a consistent method, but it will take time.

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