Last night I went

Last night I went to the store to pick up some blogging caffeine, and decided to grab some cookies or ice cream for late night snacking. As I wandered down the cookie aisle (which was also the greeting cards aisle and the aisle for diapers. Go figure.) I looked in vain for Nabisco Hayday Bars. I haven't seen them in years. Those and the Nabisco Devil's Food cakes where two of my favorite cookies. In the Nabisco section, there were Marshmallow Pinwheels in the old style of brown package that the Heyday bars came in, but all of the other cookies were SnackWells. Now, SnackWells does make a Devil's Food Cake, but I get supspicious of the low-fat cookies. They taste fine, but they just seem....wrong.

I went home and Googled Heyday bars, wondering if I could order them from somewhere, only to discover the awful truth: they had been discontinued. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! They were the best cookies ever! *sniffle* I'll have to add them to Pudding Pops in my campaign to bring them back. provides a long list of food products that are no longer made. Some make me sad (Keebler Grasshopper Chocolate Mint Sandwich) but others make me wonder why it was ever made in the first place (Pepsi Crystal).

Does anyone remember Royal's candy? I miss those, too.

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