Wonderful weekend. I had

Wonderful weekend. I had a good mix of activites. Missed out on the family reunion, but I've gotten a lot of packing done. I also got to:

1. Go to the farewell send off for two of my co-workers.

2. Hang out at the Terrace and eat ice cream.

3. Hit the Dane County Farmer's Market for shopping and people watching.

4. Saw The Bourne Identity. (Review to follow.)

5. Sushi.

6. More people watching on State Street.

7. More ice cream. (Yum.)

8. Watched the DVD of Heat, as Lukifer had never seen it, and what better movie to watch in this weather.

I had been thinking of going for a bike ride when I got to a breaking point in my packing this afternoon, but the heat index has put the kibosh on that. I may go swimming instead. Definately time for some lemonade.

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