Tee-hee. While looking for

Tee-hee. While looking for information on Heyday Bars, I came across this page. It did make me giggle with it's tone of almost hysterical paranoia. However the "about us" page did raise a few valid points about freedom of choice.

I don't like smoking. (I also dislike Big, Corporate Tobacco.) Smoke makes me uncomfortable. I'm allergic, so I sneeze. I have asthma, so I cough. The smell of tobacco smoke gets very sour, and clings ot my hair and clothes until they are washed. The smell of someone who has just been smoking is totally obnoxious. Basically, secondhand tobacco smoke makes me ill.

I think people should be allowed to do what they want, so long as they aren't hurting anyone else. Second hand smoke does hurt me. I don't want to deal with it. I'd love to go out dancing or see a show at a bar without having to bring my inhaler and planning to wash my hair immeadiately upon returning home. Unfortunately, I don't have that choice in Wisconsin. Not everybody here smokes, but since it is allowed in bars, the people who do smoke light up constantly. I haven't been in a bar that wasn't hazy with smoke...even fancy expensive bars. (I hear that California doesn't have smokng in bars. I've gotta go see that.) This means that my choices are:

A. Put up with harmful smoke in order to attend and event that I enjoy.


B. Stay home or go elsewhere.

Smokers get to choose:

A. Go out and smoke.


B. Go out and don't smoke for a few hours.


C. Go out and go outside or elsewhere for a cigarette.


D. Quit smoking.

Does this seem fair? Not really. Someone else's life style choice and addiction is directly effecting whatI can do and whereI can go. Yes, I am aware that quitting is difficult. Yes, I am aware that having a nicotine fit and not being able to smoke for a few hours is uncomfortable. Boo-hoo. I didn't make you start smoking. You made your choice and I made mine. Quit whining.

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