Speaking of the blackout,

Speaking of the blackout, now that I am a little more awake,I can fully describe the events that transpired.

Shortly after blogging about the thunder and lightening, I was finishing up the "sexy voices" post, which I planned to save in Simple Text, and blog on the half hour. I was then going to shut the computer down for a bit, just in case. Just before I'd reached the end of assembling the list, everything died. No radio, no computer, no lights (no motor car, not a single luxury....). The was no warning flicker, just *boom* to black. (OK, not total black...I had my last four votive candles burning.) I waited a bit to see if the lights would come on. (Thank goodness I was out of the shower by that time!) Brian came up from downstairs with a flashlight. He'd been in the middle of packing. He said that everything was off all up and down our block, but that across the street all was well. We live at the border of our power grid, apparently.

I set my timer to 30 minutes, and sat by the window, watching the storm and eating some ice cream. The light show was quite impressive, to be sure. The timer went off, but no lights. I set it again, and again no lights. I was begining to dispair that I would ever finish that Thon, when there was a knock at the door.

There stood Lukifer, Powerbook in hand. He had read my last post about the storm, and when no new posts appeared, he figured something was up. With nothing to see by but a few candles, we got his laptop configured to my connection, dug out a phone cable (no Airport with no electricity), and gotten everything plugged in from behind a pile of boxes and furniture. Fifteen minutes after he'd arrived, I was back online.

Typing on the floor, in the mostly dark was fun, but we muddled through until the lights came back on. The computer gods were kind. Other than the "not properly shut down" error message, everything was just fine on the iMac. Big relief. It certainly was an adventure.

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