Stare Down, Fine Art Photograph at Irving Place Photography

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Stare Down

This shot is the result of a happy accident plus some digital manipulation. I'd tried to get a good shot of a group of people staring down at the camera in an ominous way. The actual result, when I made the print, was pretty lackluster. Only, there was one tiny bit of a face in the corner which really drew my attention. I loved the way the light and shadows played together for in a highly creepy way.

I made that bit of the image the basis for a really cool pen and ink drawing (which I should find and scan one of these days). Once I actually had a scanner of my own, I made a very high resolution scan of that part of the picture, than started working with it in Photoshop to sharpen the contrasts a bit more and build on the scary anonymity of it. I must say, I'm really proud of how it turned out.

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