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The internet is really such a mix of "oh god, my eyes!" and "Wow, you have to see this!" (Sometimes simultaneously.) I love how the net has enabled so many really cool projects. I'd like to highlight some of my favorites from time to time.

Shadow Unit is one such cool project. It is a collaborative fiction project started by Emma Bull (one of the folks who also started the whole "urban fantasy" thing) and involving a roster of really cool authors. It is often described as "fan-fiction for a show that doesn't exist" least, that doesn't exist in our universe. However, in an alternate reality it airs on the WTF Network ("The Platypus"). A little bit X-Files, a little bit Criminal Minds and a whole lot of its own thing.

Not only does the "show" feature some amazing writing, but an active and engaging fan community. Furthermore, in an almost ARG-like move, some of the characters have Live Journals and interact readily with readers who comment—provided you don't break the Fourth Wall.

There is a whole lot of entertainment to be had with Shadow Unit, all for free on the internet (donations are appreciated). How can you beat that? Season three starts in just a few weeks. Check it out!

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