Rock Island-Moline Bus Token Cufflinks at the Floating Market

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Rock Island-Moline Bus Token Cufflinks

Let's all campaign to bring back French cuffs, shall we? I say this not just because I sell cufflinks, but because cufflinks are just so damn cool. After all, men are generally kind of limited in adornment for self-expression these days.

(On that note, I think we should also bring back tailoring and the wearing of non-baseball hats for both men and women.)

I love these cufflinks in particular because of the contrast inherent in wearing something so rough and industrial on a nice dress shirt. Of course, if you really want to get into the spirit of the thing, you'll put this together with a tailcoat that has seen better decades and a patchwork top hat.

1 Comment

I agree with you on the bringing back of hats and tailored clothes. Nice cuff links!

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