Derelict, Fine Art Photograph at Irving Place Photography

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This was one of my earliest shots, and one of my very favorites. I shot it in the summer of 1998, during my very first college photo class, using an old Nikon I'd borrowed from my dad. The camera was completely manual, with only a 50mm lens and a broken light meter. In a way, it was totally perfect, because it made me have to really think about what I was doing, and the limits of the 50mm made me frame my subjects with care. (I love my digital camera, 28-80 lens, my built-in flash and light meter...but it is easy to just snap snap snap when you don't have those limits in place.)

For this shot, I climbed into the cab of the rusting wreck of a truck that was sitting in a vacant lot near my apartment. I was nervous that I'd end up with tetanus or something, but I got the shot that I wanted. The truck is long gone, and even the lot has been built up, but I'll always remember it.

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