New Year, new look

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I've gotten my Movable Type updated, for the first time in years. Lots and lots of changes since I first installed the old version, so I have a bit of a learning curve. I'm also going to be tweaking the design a bit. The old one was nice, which I why I kept it so long, but it was also getting a bit stale.

This started out as a personal journal blog. Then it became more of a place where I reviewed movies I'd seen, shows I'd attended, restaurants at which I'd eaten. Then it became a photo blog. Now is is moving in a new direction once more, something that will have elements of those, and a bit more.

This time around it is still going to be heavily an art blog. I have two Etsy shops—Irving Place Photography and The Floating Market—which I will be featuring. I'm also going to try to document more of the creative processed behind them. I'm also going to throw in some reports and reviews of interesting goings-on around Madison and on the net, particularly as they relate to creative endeavors.

Hello, 2010, good to meet you.

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