Mixed Transit Token Earrings with purple beads at The Floating Market

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Mixed Transit Token Earrings with purple beads

I was rather pleased with how these turned out, and had to fight the temptation to just keep them for myself, rather than selling them.

The purple beads and the larger silver beads (just below the purple) came from a necklace that a friend made for me about a decade ago. It was a beginner beading project, which I wore until the string gave out. I kept all the pieces, but after years of keeping it in a box, I decided to re-purpose the beads for something new, rather than trying to recreate the old piece.

I love these particular tokens. They are so petite—just the size of dimes—and the cutouts are very neat. I never thought I'd describe something made out of transit tokens as "airy," but I think that word really does apply here.

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