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- My basement is flooded and smelly.

+My stuff is still dry.

+The film fest begins on Thursday.

-A woman, whose opinion I used to respect, told me that all anti-war people are actually anti-American. If I don't support the war, I hate America. How sad.

+Even when it is gloomy, the weather is getting nicer.

Actually, some of that is opinion. I think you can sort it out, can't you?

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there's a fine line between "supporting the war" and "supporting the decision to go to war". i think military action was probably one of the worst ways to resolve the saddam "issue", but since that decision has been made, i wish the best to the people in the armed services (some of which i know personally), and hope for a quick and safe return from their execution of dubya's harebrained commands.

a somewhat contrived parellel: i don't agree with how every one of my tax dollars is spent, yet i still pay my taxes, and i consider anyone who doesn't to be unamerican.

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