I was thinking about that Roman Polanski/Oscars thing. It still makes me mad.

He drugs and rapes a young girl, makes a plea bargain (her mother wanted to spare her daughter from the media attention of the trial) and then flees the country before sentencing. (Then gets himself a 15 year-old girlfriend.)

People have/had been saying that he should be allowed to come back without repurcussions, especially since the victim has now forgiven him. Argh.

There are very good reasons to keep the victims out of the sentencing process. On the one hand, it protects the convicted getting unfair shakes. Why should one guy get a better sentence than another, just because he victimized a more forgiving person? Secondly, it protect the victims from being pressured to "forgive" by supporters of the convicted.

I won't see any of that asshole's films, no matter how good they are.

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