How sweet it is

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I have always had a major sweet tooth. I have been cutting way back in the past couple of years, but candy is still a huge temptation for me.

So it is with both pleasure and pain that I have been reading Candy Blog, a website with lovingly photographed candy and gorgeously descriptive reviews. Even the silliest, technicolored chunks of HFCS get fair and wonderfully worded write-ups:

Blue Raspberry (blue) is very woodsy and strangely chemical at the same time. There's a floral raspberry flavor but also something kind of like artificial watermelon in there.

(I was clued to the website by Gail Ambrosius Chocolates, which I expect will be getting a glowing review soon.)

It is a wonderful read, both for the mouthwatering pictures and the delightful text. I don't know whether, overall, this will help me with taming my sweet tooth, but for now it is a vicarious pleasure.

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