"Tall as Our Shadows" at Irving Place Photography

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Tall as Our Shadows

If I recall correctly, this was taken on Thanksgiving of 1998 or 1999. I was using a Cmeha Smena 8m, a Soviet Russian camera that I picked up for super cheap. (I think this was before the "Lomography" craze had hit big...I hadn't heard of it, at least. I picked up a Holga at the same time.) It is considered a "toy" camera, and it is pretty limited in what it an do, but the lens produces some very cool effects. Frankly, I wish that processing and printing from film hadn't become so much more difficult, because this kind of thing makes me want to shoot a few more rolls and hit the darkroom.

The shadows are from my sister and I, as we were out in a local nature preserve walking the dog. The title comes from a line in L. M. Montgomery's Emily Climbs.

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