Haiku Earrings and the Amazing Lioness

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Do you know of Elise Matthesen, AKA the Lioness? If not, then it is about time you did, for she is pretty neat and she makes some very cool jewelry.

I own two pieces by her, very simple but rather fun: two pairs of earrings from her Wiscon Haiku Earring parties. (Pick a pair of earrings. Show them to Elise, who will give you a title. Write a haiku to go with the title. Give the poem to Elise, keep the earrings.) This past year, I got to help her out pre-party, by assisting in taking photos of many of the earrings for the party. Doing so was very helpful, for it gave me the confidence that I would, in fact, be able to get decent product shots for my own jewelry when the time came.

earrings, Talking to Water

Talking to Water

Before salt grey cliffs
Whisper to the Autumn sea
Speak my need of you.

Right now she has some of her "current shinies" on sale. Go check them out.

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