Crazy, Huge Retro 80's Hoop Earrings at the Floating Market

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Crazy, Huge Retro 80's Hoop Earrings

These earring are actually not something that I made. They are, however, old enough to be considered vintage by Etsy, so... That was a little weird for me. I bought these when I was in 7th grade, probably from Claire's Boutique or some other such mall store. I was into dressing crazy-funky, and I loved how outrageously large the hoops were. Of course, they were so big that I hardly ever wore them. I had to be careful to keep my head level, because they would touch my shoulders.

Part of me is sorry to let these go, but all things considered, I am happy to release them out into the world. Someone is going to be thrilled to have these crazy things.

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