Butterfly Vine hair sticks

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Butterfly Vine--wooden hair sticks

I wear hair sticks all the time. In fact, a twist held in place with a pair of sticks is kind of my default hairstyle. Of course, this means I own a *lot* of hair sticks. A few years back I ended up with a surplus of these yellow wooden hairsticks. I'd have to break or lose quite a few other before I'd need them.

They sat on a shelf for quite a while. Then I started playing with a wood burning tool I'd also had sitting on a shelf for years. Turns out, they went together quite well. I love the way the spiral turned out, as that had me a little worried. The butterflies are also a fun touch. I'd be tempted to keep these if I didn't already have more hair sticks...than you can shake a stick at.

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Personally, I think woodburning is a hugely underrated technique. It's so wonderful and capable of so much elegance and expression, I've always felt it should get far more attention than it does.

Your woodburn design hairsticks are truly unique!

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