Time Lord


Three episodes in, and I am immensely enjoying the BBC's newDr. Who which has been airingon SciFi. I'm particularly loving Chris Eccelston as the Doctor, and I know I will be a wee bit bummed when the inevitable change of Doctors happens.


I too loved Eccelston's portrayal of The Doctor and was bummed when I found out that he was just doing the single season.

However the person replacing him (David Tennant) has been good so far in the one episode with him that I've seen so far (the Christmas Special.)

He's also the guy who played the "Barty Crouch Junior" in the latest Harry Potter movie.

I've got all of the Eccelston episodes from BBC on DVD, btw. As well as the Christmas Invasion episode floating around here some where. =P

Tom Baker's still the best Doctor, though.... (Then again, I'm biased, since I first discovered _Doctor Who_ in England during Baker's stint.) :-)

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