Conversation or spam?


I'm considering opening the comments again. I like being able to have a dialog with people who read this. However, I had discovered that I was getting very few real comments and tons of comment spam. I attempted to put a filter on the comments to stop the spam, but it was too much for my wee little brain to handle at the time, so I just set the comment default to closed.

So, if I reopen the comments, will it be worth it?


I'm not a spammer!

I just found your blog, and I wanted to commiserate with you on the spam filter. I tried to do the blacklist, but had to go back to my original pusher (har har - it's the blogger who introduced me to blogging, MT, all of it) to have her apply the blacklist for me.

I couldn't live without my comments, so if it ever happens, I guess I'll just deal with the spam-bombs.

Nice to have the comments back, cuz. :-) If the spammers return, you might want to look into requiring registration for those wishing to comment, provided your blog software/host allows it.

Yes, please re-open comments! I found your blog through a list of WI bloggers, have been a regular reader since then, and have wanted to comment on a bunch of things you've written!

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