Fringe Benefits

One unique aspect of substitute teaching is that I get more on-the-job hugs than I ever have at any other job. (Of course, I also get called a bitch more than at any other job, but I'l chose to focus on the hugs, thanks.)

Sometimes those hugs show up elsewhere, too. Today I was on State Street, waiting to cross Gorham, and there was a family of three in front of me. I looked down to see the little girl looking up at me. It was one of the kids I had taught yesterday (and a few times before's one of my regular schools). I greeted her and she threw her arms around my waist for a big huge. She introduced me to her parents, and I explained that I was a regular sub at her grade school. I got one more hug before the light changed. It was kind of nice.

I have run into students outside of school a couple of other times. Usually it has been nice, but never quite so enthusiastic.

(Although I did thank my lucky stars that I was dressed like a teacher person, and not looking slutty or something. Not that I do. Look slutty that is. Not usually. But you never know.)

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