Thursday I taught an elementary music class, and per the teachers instructions, this involved showing the "Nutcracker Suite" and "Sorcerer's Apprentice" sections of Fantasia at least ten times over the course of a day. While I didn't get sick of it, I did find myself getting picky about the animation:

*In the "Dance of the Mirltons" in Nutcracker, the mushrooms seem to change size in an odd way. Especially since at the beginning, there is one small, white-capped mushroom, two medium, orange-capped mushrooms, and four tall, red-capped mushrooms but soon the orange-caps have transformed into red-caps. Plus two of the red-caps at a time seem to grow into very tall, phallic objects, and then shrink back to original size. It's wierd, if you pay attention.

*In "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", Mickey walks towards a wall, away from a stationary light source. As he walks, his shadow on the wall grows larger, when it should be growing smaller. Not a big deal, really, but having to see it over and over made it really start to bug me. I kept thinking "Argh! That's not how shadows work!" Thank goodness I don't do caffiene.

Another observation: class after class of k/1 students got a major set of giggles over the nature fairies or sprites in the Nutcracker animation. "They're naked!" was the delightfully shocked exclamation.

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