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So, seeing three movies exposed me to a wealth of trailers. Some good, some bad. Some old, some new. Some memorable, some not so much.

Those that stuck with me in a good way are:

*Down with Love

I've seen this one before, and it still strikes me as interesting.

*Shaolin Soccer.

Of course they'd call it soccer and not football. Why does that annoy me? This looks fun in a cheesy, badly dubbed sort of way. Hey, it's a kung-fu movie *and* a sports movie, how can you possibly go wrong?


I've also seen this one before. It intrigues me, but I doubt I will see it. I'm not very big on "they all die, one by one" movies, no matter how well done they are. (Hey! Clea Du Vall is in it.)


I was quite excited by this trailer (though I loathe the name they've given it...can't someone in Hollywood start coming up with more creative names for sequels?) as I am eagerly awaiting the movie, and loved getting even a little X-men fix.

On a side note, Bend it Like Beckham will indeed be playing in Madison, starting next week. Woo-hoo.

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I haven't seen the Shaolin trailer but I've seen the others; haven't seen the Euan McGregor trailer enough for my taste. ;) From your list I'll see Xmen and Down with Love; as much as they're pushing Identity, it just doesn't look that good to me. We saw Phone Booth last night, that trailer looked like the movie would be suspensful.. but it wasn't.. though I must admit Colin Farrell is easy on the eyes.

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