White Elephant

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Last night was this year's long delayed White Elephant party. It was smaller than previous parties, due to the lateness in the year, the smallness of its new location, and unavoidable conflicts of schedule. Still, we had 13 people playing, and three rounds of exchanges.

In round one, I drew third to last, and opened a small package that turned out to be a miniature rock water garden—basicallya small plastic cup with a few little stones and a squeezable hand pump to work the fountain. Cute, but unimpressive so I traded it for the much coveted Ants in the Pants, only to have that stolen from me by the last person, who drew an unopened DVD of Death Race 2000. Yuck. Fortunately, I was saved by a post game trade from someone who really wanted the DVD, and gave me a Sponge Bob Square Pants t-shirt for it. Score!

Round two I got a car visor CD holder, only to have that stolen for a bright, rainbow tie-dyed union suit. Ugh. It was an XL, too, so even if I'd liked it, I'd have been lost in it. Fortunately for me, later on in the round a PC user opened a lime iMac keyboard, complete with the old hockey puck mouse and keyboard brush shaped like a zip disk. I managed to convince her that she really wanted the union suit, and she took it. Now I have a second keyboard. (In lime, even.)

The third and final round was the oddest. I opened a thin, floppy package, that turned out to be a postcard coupon from Victoria's Secret for one free pair of panties and $5 off any bra. I kept it, but it was stolen from me by another woman for a package containing a year's worth of love letters from 1977, which had been found in the hosts' attic. (The VS coupon was then subsequently stolen by two men in a row...for their girlfriends...until the hostess, who had last draw, ended up with it.) I did not get to keep the letters, however, as they were stolen near the end of the round for a small, decorative box in the shape of a star. I believe it will make another appearance at next year's party.

A fun time was had by all, even the people who had to go home with crap. (Millenium Twinkies, anyone?) I had a pretty good haul this year, and am fairly content, and looking forward to next year's party. I must come up with something really odd and fun to give away.

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Found love letters... they would be delightful to read :)

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