Elbows off the table!

I had an new (for me) dining experience last night: spaghetti on the board at Rossario's in Monona. M was having her law school graduation celebration there. The set up was a lon (clean) wooden board over the table with a long row of spaghetti with sauce and meatballs piled down the center. All of the guests had napkin and utensils in front of them (but no plates) and there were little claw-scoops around the table to drag little piles of spaghetti from the row to your eating area. Bread, butter, and cheese were passed around the table family dinner style. We did have little bowls for our salads, thank goodness.

Everyone laughed a great deal and enjoyed the dinner--the food was quiet good--but at the same time we were all struck with how surreal it seemed. The marinara sauce and the butter made the table a bit hazardous for shirt sleeves. You had to be careful not to absentmindedly set your arms down on the table.

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