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I'm thinking it may be time to upgrade my Movable Type. For some reason it is making me log in all the freaking time now, when once I rarely needed to. I'm not sure what is up, but there may be other new things that I want in the newer versions, like better ways to deal with spam. However, given how non-savvy I am about the technical end of things I am not going to dive right in, in case I make everything blow up while transitioning. I remember a bit of rockiness in the transition from Blogger to MT.

I really need to stop looking at the Apple Store. I either fill myself with senseless envy looking at pretty shiny things that I will never afford and don't really need given that I already have two computers (Oh, for a 17" screen, a laptop that would run on it's battery and all that memory! >drool<) or I fill myself with slightly less senseless envy looking at shiny things that I may be able to afford someday but not now, and really don't *need* anyway (15,000 songs!).

Day one of Camp Wellstone went well. Our first group excersize was to make a pretend radio ad for a campaign. We recorded them and played them back to the group for critique. My group wasn't the best, but it did get good reviews.

And now, I should get to sleep.

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