I think some people live to look for negativity in other people. I will fully admit to having a negative streak, but much of that is due to reacting to the circumstances around me. I'm an optimistic pessamist, as I've said before. The glass is half-empty, but I am aware that there are unlimited free refills.

I know a couple of people who seem to listen to only about half of my conversation. They will ignore my giddily jumping about because I just won cncert tickets (which I did on Monday) and completely miss me nattering on about the photograph that I sold for $35 (also on Monday). However, if I make on snarky remark about not holding my breath about jobs, even when they are perfect for me and suddenly they are paying rapt attention and smacking me for my "negative attitude" which is holding me back.

Sure. Never mind how enthusuastic my cover letters are, employers know these things. They can sense my negativity remotely and consign my resume to the circular file. It isn't the job market, it's my attitude that is holding me back! In other words, it's all my fault.

Whatever. I wonder who it was that decided that if you can't say nothing but happy, sunshiney things, even when circumstances suck, then it if your fault that things are the way they are. How did Mary Poppins and Pollyanna become the standards?

I know that I can be downcast at times, but I don't live under a permanent raincloud. So I find it irksome to be told that I have an attitude problem. It gives me the feeling that the people who tell me this are like vultures circling overhead. So long as I am feeling happy and healthy and well adjusted, they don't pay me any mind. They are simply waiting for me, or anyone else, to fall a bit so they can swoop in to pick the bones of the trouble. Does it give them a sense of superiority?

I imagine it does. After all, they just have your best interests in mind. They are just trying to help you by pointing out that you are the cause of all your problems. You should thank them warmly and be on your merry way. But for heaven's sake, don't try to tell them to back off, after all that just shows that not only are you a Negative Nelly, but you are ungrateful to boot.


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