Seeing the bright side

Tomorrow, if all goes well, I will have my "new" car.

Tonight, I got to meet two good Samaritans. I was heading home and was low on gas. I just had to get over a hill (it was one of theose long hills) and I was at a gas station, but my car had over plans. I was in the left lane on a 4 lane divided road, with no shoulder. Fortunately, there were houses along the road, and one of my Samaritans was standing in the driveway of one of them.

He came out and helped me get the car backed down the hill and off the road, into one of the driveways. It was a little awkward, so the car sort of ended up partway onto someone's yard. He then offered to drive me up to the gas station. (The offer made me a little nervous, though I didn't get bad vibes from him. If I had accepted his offer, I would have first called someone I know and tell them exactly where I was and what was going on.)

First, though, we went to knock on the person's door to explain what my car was doing there and see if they might have a gas can we could borrow. Turns out, he did. And it had some gas in it. Enough to get me to the station. And he wouldn't take any money for it. They were both really nice and helpful, and I'm totally going to pass that one on.

The first guy was cute! :D

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