Oh! Oh!

As if that last entry were magic, one of the missing blog ideas has been dislodged from its hiding place in the depths of my brain.

I don't know if I have mentioned this, but around Halloween I picked up a part time retail job at a gourmet candy and nut store. It's actually quite fun (dude, I'm working in a candy shop!) and the extra cash helps to make up for my summer of sloth.

Anyway, the other night I was packaging Valentine's candy from bulk boxes. I was starting to open up a 35 lb box of conversation hearts when I noticed something rather unintentionally amusing about the box itself:

Yes, friends, it appears the box of conversation hearts was saying, "Up yours". How sweet.

Another thing I noticed while putting the packages together was the current batch of sayings on the hearts. There were several that I find amusing. I call it the "get in touch" series: "Write Me," "Call Me," "Fax Me," "IM Me," and one that just says "E Mail". Such technologically advanced Valentine's candy. The "Fax Me" one has always made me laugh, because who the hell sends romantic faxes? Oh, I imagine that somewher out the, someone has, but honestly...fax?

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