More minutes than I know what to do with.

My second craptastic phone was starting to die, and it wouldn't be worth it to fix it. My 100 minute a month calling plan was so old that it was still TDMA, and so the only phone I could get that would work with it would be yet another crappy old phone, which I didn't want. They no longer have a 100 minute plan that also includes caller ID, voice mail, and all those other nifty features that I need so I've had to step up.

Now, I've only been using about 75 minutes a month most of the time. Suddenly I have 500 outgoing minutes plus unlimited free incoming ones. Cripes, I wondered, what will I do with all those minutes? Well, people, I am going to have to transform myself into a "phone person". I've already changed the number that the sub office and sub finder computer use to call me to my cell, but that won't be enough.

The last time I was really a phone person was back in high school, when I could literally yack for hours at a time on the phone. Since then, I have the uncomfortable feeling whenever I call someone that I am interrupting something important. I have no problem talking when people call me, but the reverse is not true. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

The phone I got is a camera phone, which is pretty neat. I'm not quite sure yet whether I will keep it, or trade it back in before my 30 days are up for a smaller, non-camera phone. I like small, since I hate being loaded down with lots of stuff when I'm out and about. However, if I take any decent pictures with the camera, I'll post them on here. I may decide that having a digital camera (even a crappy phone camera) is better than just having "small".

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