"Here's how it works at Planned Parenthood of Central Texas (PPCT) in Waco, where the Pledge-a-Picket program is going strong: Each time a protester shows up at the clinic, a donation is made to PPCT. This campaign makes lemonade out of lemons by allowing Planned Parenthood supporters to pledge between 25 cents and one dollar per protester."

The more protesters come to the clinic, the more money is doanted to the clinic, and a handy sign continually updates to show how much money they have cause to be sent Planned Parenthood's way.

Something similar happens during the summer at the Dane Ounty Farmers' Market when we are tabling. When anti-choice protesters show up, people come over to us asking, "Do you guys have any stickers or a petition we could sign? Those guys piss me off." The more graphic and obnoxious the protesters are, the more people come to us.

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