Two thrill that I hope I never outgrow: swinging on a swingset, and riding shopping carts.

There is just something about riding a grocery cart at high speed that is just so naughty. You can only go careening through the aisles of your local supermarket for so long before someone calls the manager on you.

I tend to ride my cart through the parking lot. Now, this has the danger of running into, or being run into by, something, but I don't let that worry me too much. When I leave the store, I stand outside the doors for a moment or two, surveying the territory. I wait for cars and pedestrians to move themselves out of the way. Then I take off, taking advantage of the slight incline of the terrain in the lot. I am farily adept at steering and can usually get a pretty good speed going before I have to put my feet down to stop at my car.

I imagine that I may gather a few amused or appalled stares, but I don't really care. So long as I have my cart, I can fly.

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