The Week

Monday: Monday found me biking down to Madison Area Technical College for a workshop on newspaper design and planning from the advisor of MATC's school paper, The Clarion. While I was there, I also snagged a copy of the Yahara Journal in which my photo, "Queen of Pentacles" appears.

Tuesday: Bussed my way down to the UW Hospital to have blood re-drawn for my asthma study. The original sample didn't get to the lab in time. Kind of annoying, but I will get an extra $20 for my trouble. I followed that up with a bit more mystery shopping, and then lazed around the Terrace for a few hours. I closed out the day with a Planned Parenthood volunteer meeting.

Wednesday: I was finally able to bring my mechanics the endangered species of a replacement part so that my Jeep repairs could get underway. Then I grabbed a bus to the Dane County Fair, where I was covering a shift at the Planned Parenthood booth. Managed to get quite a few signatures on our petition, and gave away many condoms, stickers, buttons, and condoms. Then I explored the fair and watched the youth driving competions. The pony class was nice, but the teens in the horse and cart class were really impressive.

Thursday: Reclaimed custody of the Jeep, which now has a functional fuel gauge. Unfortunately, the driver's door latch has gone funky again, requiring the window to be rolled down anytime I need to exit, so as to use the outside latch. I know how to deal with the problem, and it isn't a costly thing....just a pain in the ass.

Following my joyfull automotive reunion, I motored on over the the Planned Parnethood clinic, to help out during the fundraiser. I filled coolers, directed traffic in the blazing sun, and helped clean up. I also chatted with the governor and noshed on the snacks and wine. Was sent home with leftover chips and salsa.

Friday: I had an interview for a low-paying, part-time retail job. I'd love to do better, but it wouldn't suck to be making even a little money. I'll get my answer next week.

After watching the deluge, a braved the rain and made my way back to the fair for a second shift of tabling. Having accomplished that, I made another tour of the fair, springing for a corn dog and a cotton candy. Decided not to go on any rides at this time.

Topped off the evening by stopping by the Terrace to watch Natty Nation with my brother and his charming girlfriend.

Coming up: Reunions, more berries, , more medical research, MAGNET, The Muppet Movie, and Fiesta Hispana.

Good night.

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