The MAGNET thing at the Governor's residence was very neat. Bee-oo-tee-ful place, right on the lake, like loverly gardens. There were too-die-for hors dourves and desserts, including "shrimp in a jacket" and lemon bars. (Prolly not as good as Weezy's, though.) The governor wasn't there, but his wife, a former middle school teacher, was.

I talked to a few people, and ran into oone of the people I'd hung out with at the last event. I got chatted up by a nerdy nutritional sciences researcher. I had a conversation with an "I know you from somewhere" guy, and eventually we figured out that we had done tabling at the farmers market for Planned Parenthood together last summer (handing out balloons to the kiddies and condoms to the adults).

I seriously felt like I was in someone else's story, because I just don't go to things like that. I did have a few times were I felt like I was just standing there, looking stupid. I didn't freeze up, though.

Last week I went to a get-together for the Madison Chamber of Commerce. I keep wondering who this person is that keeps ending up at all these places and events, because I don't quite recognize her. I spent so much of the winter being a hermit.

Now, if only my business life would catch up with my social/networking life. Culvers hadn't even called me back!

Ok, got an early morning for asthma research, so I better get to bed.

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