The Further Adventures

Reunion number one of the weekend was with familty. It was great fun, and there were massive amounts of food and drink (some of which is now residing in my refridgerator). Games were played, stories were told, and pictures were taken.

Following that reunion, I met up with some old friends for reunion number two. It has only been a few years, but it is amazing how much people can change in just a short time. We're all (mostly) turning into grown-ups!

The next day, one of the friends and I went to out brunkfast (first meal of the day, but after noon) and watched the gay pride parade go down state street. At the time, I was very happy that I was *not* in a car attempting to cross the isthmus on Johnson or Gorham streets--they were backed up forever as the parade crossed, and it was mighty warm and sunny.

I also muct point put that there is just something so very not right about Rocky Horror costumes in broad daylight. The aesthetic is thrown several miles off.

Monday morning started very, very early with a series of stupid mishaps. I had to get up at 5:30 for an appointment with the asthma study folks. I forgot that I wasn't supposed to take my albuterol of the study meds that morning, so my visit became useless. I also decided to take the bus, since I was going to be spending a few hours downtown, and it would be cheaper than parking. I'd grabbed a brand new bottle of juice (the expensive, premium kind) for something to tide me over after the appointment until lunch. But right after I got off the bus, I realized that I'd left it on the seat. So much for that plan. I do hope someone got to enjoy it.

The day got much better, though. I went to the City-County building and got myself deputized to register voters in the city of Madison. Let the GOTV (Get Out the Vote) begin!

While I was in the neighborhood and had some time to kill, I realized that in the 10 years I have lived in Madison, I have never done the official Capita tour. I've been in the Capital building many times, but never done the guided thang. So, I joined up with a group and had quite a fun time. Learned some interesting tidbits. Following the tour, I continued to circle the building (rather literally) from top to bottom. I made a couple rounds of the observation deck, checked out the little museum bit, and then walked a complete round of every floor from there to the basement. I've determined two things. One, it's a realy cool building, and I need to spend more time there. Two, someday, somehow, and despite the fact that heights kind of wig me out, I want to go into the restricted areas: the Trumpeter's Balcony, the balcony at the top of the dome (under the painting), and the stairway up the the tippy-top.

After I had exhausted the public areas of the capital, I met up with a few other MAGNET members for lunch. It was fun, but it did make me feel a little weird. These people are all around my age, but they seemed to be so much more together...more professional. I had the tweaky feeling that I was just and imposter and a wannabe. Fortunately, I'm not letting a few random moments of high-school style insecurity get the better of me. I may be a shiftless layabout this summer, but at least I'm well rested. :)

The evening brought more fun, as I attended a screening of The Muppet Movie at the Memorial Union. That is the best! (Though I still, and always will, loathe Miss Piggy.) Jim Henson and co. really had a subversive streak, yet since it was the Muppets, no one cared. The jokes and cameos actually get better as you get older. (And, of course, the songs are stuck in my head now.)

I ran into my brother, his supa-cool girlfriend, and another old friend while there. We all headed back to the "spaceship" and watched The Point. I just have to say that when you already have "Moving Right Along" stuck in your head, "Me and My Arrow" really merges with it very smoothly.

Now the sun is shining, and I am contemplating dog-napping Keitel for a romp in the dogpark. Ta!

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