Purple Fingers, scratched hands.

I just spent most of the afternoon up to my armpits in bramble--picking black raspberries (and a few red reaspbarries) growing along a nearby bike path. I now have a couple quarts worth. I may go back at the end of the week, for there were a whole lot of not yet ripe ones that I'd like to keep my eye on. I think I'll have some fresh and freeze the rest.

It was quite fun. (Not to mention sweaty and prickly.) I got several bike rides out of it, too. I saw the berries while biking to the store. Biked back home to drop of my purchases, change into more appropriate clothes and shoes, and graba container. I filled the first container, then went back home for three more.

Sometimes it was a little tricky wading through the branches and thorns to get to the berries that weren't on the edges, but I mostly managed to do it without damaging either the plants or myself.

I don't think too many people go berrying there, so I'm sure I'll be able to get a lot more harvested before the season is over. It's in kind of an odd area, without to much casual traffic.

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