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I really liked F 9/11. I thought it was all round a much stronger film than Bowling for Columbine. Moore usually does at least one thing in every piece that makes me cringe and think"God! Don't be such a jackass." I was totally expecting to find those here, and there were none--there was none of the bullshit that usually makes me cringe at least once in most Moore products. I think he learned a few lessons from the controversy surrounding Bowling: don't give your opponents ammunition to pick you apart.This seemed much more sober and grown-up.

Of course, for me Moore is preaching to the choir, while others wouldn't listen to him in the middle of a rainstorm if he told them it was raining. What will be interesting to see is how the people in the middle ground will react if/when the see it.

I will report in more detail when I am less tired and don't have to wake up early.

Also, Camp Welstone is still great.

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