Something that has been bothering me.

Do the students at Hogwarts study anything else besides magic? Math? Geography? Literature? I remember that there was a History of Wizardry course, but that's about it. I can't imagine that wizards would find regular math to be entirely unimportant, but the only mention I can think of was the Arthimancy course Hermione took. Students in intensive training schools for things like dance and music still take time to study other subjects. What happens at Hogwarts? J. K. Rowling hasn't said. The only options that I can think are these:

A. They do study the more mundane school subjects, but we never hear about those classes, teachers, or homework. (This seems unlikely.)

B. Those other subjects get covered in the course of other classes. (Still doesn't seem very satisfactory.)

C. The witches and wizards in Rowlings world do all of their mundane studies before coming to Hogwarts, and are content to keep about a 5th grade (or its English equivalent) education in everything non-magical.

I know it's kind of a picky thing, but know that it has occured to me, I really want to know. I guess it bugs the teacher in me. I'm tempted to write to Rowling or her editor or someone and ask.

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