Anger Issues

A few weeks ago, I was biking along the bike trail near my house. At one point, it crossed the driveway of a supermarket, and the traffic from the driveway had a stop sign. I didn't. However, there was a guy edging his car out at the "stop" so that it blocked my path. I slowed down, to make certain that he wasn't going to go. (I know that, regardless of the right-of-way, the car will always beat the bike and I've BTDT.) I made eye contact, saw that he was going to stay, and passed in front of him. As I passed, he leaned out his open window and yelled out the most sarcastic, "YOU'RE WELCOME!" that I have ever heard. As though he was doing me a huge favor by actually obeying the traffic laws, and that I was a total ingrate.

A few blocks later, I was starting to cross a busier street at the light. The traffic that was stopped was on a one-way street, so there were cars directly next to me as I was starting to move. Just as I had lifted my feet onto the pedals and was at my least stable, the guy in the car I was in front on honked his horn. I was so startled by it that I nearly fell over. He just sat there laughing.

Fast forward to today. I was driving to the store, and was on a 4-lane stretch of road with a 45 mph speed limit. I was moving into the (rather lengthy) left turn lane when a guy stepped off the median to jaywalk, about 50 feet in front of me. Mind you, there is a crosswalk with a light about 20 feet further up. He had just started to walk out when his girlfriend called him back to the curb. Now, if he had conintued to cross, I certainly would and could have slowed and avoided hitting him. I was already slowing down to prepare for the stoplight and my turn. So it isn't as though I cam barreling along and nearly clipped him. Still, when I passed by where he was standing, he yelled out, "BITCH!" to my open window.

What the hell is with these cretins?

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