Smooth Move

Today I decided to celebrate summer by biking down to the library. I finished checking out a little before closing, and then ran back in to check out one more item. After I left, I decided to walk next door to the discount bookstore, which was having an "every book for $4 or under" sale, and stocked up on design and typography books. I was in there about 15 minutes, and then went back to my bike. There I discovered, much to my chagrin, that my keys were not anywhere in my bag. I ran back to the bookstore, which was closing up, but my keys were not there.

I was and am 99% sure that I set them down on the library counter when I ran back for the second book. Unfortunately, the library had been closed for about 15 minutes when I made my discovers, and since it was Saturday, everyone had already cleared out right quick. It would not open again until noon on Monday.

I have two extra pair of car keys, and one extra bike lock key. I do not have a spare apartment key. Unfortunately, the extra bike lock key was inside my locked apartment, which was also a bit of a walk away. I had worn sneaker clogs with no socks, since I wasn't going to be doing much walking. Ha! Hello, blister city.

I trugged home in my ever more uncomfortable shoes, loaded down with books, a water bottle, and a bike helmet. When I finally arrived, I found that my landlord--the one person who would have a key to my place--was not home. I had no idea of when he might arrive. For all I knew, he'd left town for the weekend.

My front windows were open, but screened. After a bit of prying and peeling, I was able to pull the screen up and out without permanent damage, but I was also too short to reach the window. As a small bit of favor from the universe, my neighbors were home. They let me in, and I grabbed a small ladder from the basement. I wiggled my way in through the small opening, and promtly wacked my head on the hanging terra cotta planter just inside the window.

After getting the door open, I went back outside to repair the window. Of course, while I was in the midst of this opperation, who should drive up but my landlord. As another small favor from the universe, he did not freak out about the screen, and gave me a spare key for the weekend. Hurrah!

Now that I've gotten my bike back, too, and can soak my poor, blisted feet, I can see a lot more of the humor of the situation. Ha. Ha.

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