A Special Kind of Stupid

Today I went to church and parked in an underground parking lot. When I left the lot, it was alos rather overcast, so I had my lights on all the way to the mall where I had an errad to run. When I returned to the ar an hour and a half later, I discovered that in spite of the bright orange sign over the steering wheel, I'd left the lights on the whole time. I was in a very bad spot to get a jump (between two other cars and on the other side of the divider from the driveway). There was a bit of a slope, so I decided to put it into neutral and try to move the Jeep to a better spot. I rolled it back (in heels and a skirt!) out of the spot and actually managed to use the car's momentum to swing around so that my front was facing down the slope. It was an empty area of the parking lot, so I tried to get it going fast enough for a push-start, but no dice. Fortunately, my mom lives nearby and was able to come to my rescue with a jump. (AAA would have taken much longer.)

So tra-la tra-la. Off I went to run the engine for a while and then get groceries.

Fast forward to leaving the grocery store. I reaced into my purse to get my keys, and lo-and-behold! No keys. They were dangling temptingly from the ignitin of my locked vehicle. Thanks be that my teeny, tiny rear door was unlocked. I was able to lower the backseat and wriggle up through the little space to retrieve the keys. A happy ending for sure, but what a dumb day!

I really need to get some sort of signal sound installed in the Jeep, so that if I try to leave with the lights on or the keys in, I will be alerted by the insistant "ding ding ding".


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