After seeing X-men, I theater hopped over to Identity, the thriller starring John Cusack. It certainly provided its fair share of thrills and chills, with a few moments of "ew". Not quite Hitchcock, of course, or even quite Christie for that matter, but it was a bit removed from the usual run of hack-and-slash horror. Sure there was hacking, and there was slashing, but we generally didn't see it happen on screen. The end was double twisty. First comes the clever twist that you never see coming. That one is followed up by a less satisfying and more standard "ha-ha" twist which bugged me just a little.

Cast-wise it isn't that stellar. This is not John Cusack's best film by a long shot, and I've never cared for Ray Liotta or Jake Busey to begin with. Poor Clea DuVall isn't given much to do except shriek. Rebecca DeMornay gets a similarly one-note part.

I haven't got any particularly strong feelings about the movie to recommend it one way or another. Avoid it if you are terribly squeamish or jumpy, though it is more psychological than gorey. Decent matinee fare, I'd say.

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